How Time and Attendance Be Safe During COVID19 Pandemic

0 contact. That is right. The safest way to conduct any business function is to not share, keep a safe distance, and make sure the employee has 0 contact with any device that is shared among other staff. So don’t share pens, pass around paper time sheets, or have everyone login with a UN/PW on the same computer to clock in. Time and attendance has to be done. There is no way employees will work for free and if you just “trust” them to work the hours they say they work, you will be taken to the cleaners fast.

MinuteHound has developed a 0 contact modern technology time and attendance system. All employees have to do is look at the screen, get recognized, and off to work they go. The MinuteHound face capture system uses the devices camera to recognize certain facial features of a persons face. Extremely accurate and 100% safe to use. No images are ever stored and data security is at the forefront. However, so is peace of mind. Employees don’t have to touch a single button. They just look, get clocked in, and start to work. No spreading germs or worrying about getting the coronavirus.

You can sign up for a free trial and start using immediately. Face capture is so easy and straightforward for the individual user. Just download the app to whichever device you want to use it on (Android, Windows, Mac) and enroll your staff. Can be setup and off to the races within minutes. MinuteHound has been doing biometric technology for a decade plus, so get with a company that you can trust and know will be around for the long haul.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock Time Clock Calculator See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others No training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory. MinuteHound We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours. Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today!

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