Time Card Machine Replaces Punch Clocks And Time Sheets

Time Card Machine Is Your True Everyday Solution

Keeping track of your employees’ time worked can be tricky business. If your company is designed that all employees have to “punch in” and “punch out” during their workdays, why not take advantage of modern technology? Time sheets, cards, badges, ID and passwords are yesterdays technology. They are out of date, expired, inoperable, of no use to you. Why do you waste time and money on something that stopped working yesterday? Your losing money, and your business is suffering. It is now time for you to take the control back. Cut costs, reduce overhead. Every year, American businesses reports losses of $148 billion dollars. All in relation to time theft, employee abuse, and errors from time and attendance/payroll issues. You need a change. You need an upgrade. You need a solution. You need a time card machine from MinuteHound.

Using biometric fingerprint technology, MinuteHound’s time card machine records the times your employees are at work. Using an individual’s fingerprint is the most accurate and secure way to record time and attendance. Employees can share time cards and login information. They cannot share fingerprints. From the start, the time card machine eliminates time theft from your workplace. You will start saving immediately. The time card machine replaces whatever system you have in place for your employees. It is the latest technology with a laundry list of features. You will find out how the time card machine changes the way you conduct business for the better.

The Technology and Features Of The Time Card Machine

MinuteHound’s time card machine is cloud based. All information recorded from your employees are safely and securely transferred to remote servers. Keep in mind the time card machine never stores the fingerprint. Instead, your employees fingerprint is broken down into a set of numbers. This is just another level of security and peace of mind. Your employees information is never at risk. Another huge benefit of being cloud based, is accessibility. The time card machine records data in real time. This means you can view your live reporting from any internet connection in the world.

Time Card Machine Data Is Stored In The Cloud. Access From AnywhereFrom across town or from across the country, all you need is an internet connection to view employee activity. Your iPhone, tablet, iPad, Droid, or workstation can keep you up to the minute from wherever you are. The technology behind the time card machine means you never have to leave your office. You keep your finger on the pulse of your business. This might sound like a huge investment, however you will find that it is not only advanced, but the time card machine is your most cost effective option out there. This system saves you so much money it literally pays for itself. Upgrading to MinuteHound’s time card machine is the easiest decision you can ever make for your business.

Employees love the time card machine for they have a sense of security knowing they will receive accurate paychecks. The time card machine eliminates errors as well. MinuteHound’s time card machine is so advanced, it sends an e-mail or text message if an employee is late or leaves early from an assigned shift. This means when your employees “forget” to clock in or out, designated managers are sent a reminder to correct the problem on the spot. The time card machine is a tried and true solution for your business. Human error, employee abuse, time theft, and fraud are gone from your business. It also makes conducting payroll a breeze. Never again fear the day! The data from the time card machine can also be exported to allow import into accounting systems commonly used by businesses.

Time Card Machine And The Driving Force Behind It

Round The Clock Support From MinuteHoundBest of all, 24/7 support. The professional staff at MinuteHound pride themselves on your success. Upon arrival of the time card machine, setting up is as easy as plug and play. No mess. No hassle. You can use your time card machine virtually right out of the box. There are no contracts to sign. No training required. No learning curve to master. The time card machine is advanced, however so easy to use.

Over 150,000 daily users clock in and out of work using the time card machine. Once you install and implement the software, you will notice a difference in your workplace. The employees now have no choice but to show up a little early, and not leave until it is time. The time card machine is your all inclusive tool for success. You have now read about the best kept secret in business. Now it is up to you to use this information to your advantage. Upgrade today. You will be amazed on how efficient your business will be!

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