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MinuteHound: Time clock and payroll solutions
MinuteHound is revolutionary biometric software that helps companies manage their payroll through control of the time and attendance of their employees. This technology is helping thousands of companies save money on their payroll all over the world, by keeping their time clock system efficient, organized and simplified.

The average payroll lost is 5%, based on a calculation done by the American Payroll Association. The average salary is calculated at $22,000/year. This comes out to $1,100 per employee each year. Put simply, the bigger the company, the bigger risk of loss.

MinuteHound uses “CloudFace clocking” facial recognition software to accurately record time and attendance of a company’s employees. This facial recognition software MinuteHound thus prevents theft in the work place and prevents employees from abusing the time clock system through methods such as “buddy punching” and “time expectations”. Employee and management accountability is kept and money on the payroll is saved. The technology also provides support to employees who work remotely as well.
MinuteHound eliminates the need for time cards (and time-card errors), removes the ability to manipulate time an employee has worked, and prevents unapproved overtime, keeping honest tabs on the hours an employee has worked.

Facial Recognition Technology is 100% Accurate!
The MinuteHound system runs on a real-time, custom red flag system that prevents payroll abuse and allows management to quickly address issues such as tardiness or absence.

MinuteHound saves companies time with regard to the tedious paperwork involved with payroll processing. The technology automatically calculates time and attendance and provides detailed reports.

MinuteHound allows for global log-ins (that is, you can log in from any point in the world) and provides real-time updates, allowing employers and management to adjust their staffing based on the immediate needs and see who’s on the clock. MinuteHound takes virtually no time to set up and there’s no training required. Companies can save 5 percent on their payroll and the cost is pennies a day. This small investment, in turn, helps companies literally save billions of dollars.

Providing ease of use, simplification of time and payroll, and numerous benefits to companies all over the world, MinuteHound gives the peace of mind to employers that their time and attendance is accurate and money is being saved.

MinuteHound is the future of time and attendance!

No training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory. MinuteHound We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours. Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today! TimeClock@MinuteHound.com

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