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How to Purchase Time Clock System for your Company?

Companies of all sizes need to monitor their employees’ work hours. This information is used in the preparation of company payroll. It also provides insight on employee attendance standards and may be used for other employee management activities, such as leave management.

It can be a daunting task to purchase time clock systems for your company. There are a lot of options available on the market, making it even harder to make the right choice. Some devices require employees to punch data numerically into the system. Others make use of advanced biometrics, such as fingerprint or iris scan to grant access to an employee.

To purchase time clock systems that works for your company, you must start by evaluating and understanding your company’s needs. Factors, such as size and complexity of company also need to be considered when selecting a time clock system.

Purchase Time Clock System that Prevents Fraudulent Activities
Keep in mind that time management systems are subject to abuse. Activities, such as buddy punching can be very costly for the company. It also takes away the purpose of getting the time clock system for your company if it is still liable to be abused. According to the American Payroll Association, fraudulent practices can cost a company up to 8 percent of its payroll. Imagine the savings you’ll be making if you successfully make the transition to a time management system that eliminates these practices from the workplace.

Purchase Time Clock System that Determines Payroll Accurately
One of the key reasons why companies purchase time clock systems is to determine payroll. If a system is unable to achieve this objective, there is no point in investing on it.

Purchase Time Clock System with SMS-based Alerts
Advanced time management systems, such as MinuteHound offer a number of additional features. For instance, employers can improve their attendance standards by implementing SMS-based alerts that are dispatched to reporting managers when employees are late for work.

Invest in Time Clock Software that Prevents Data Manipulation
MinuteHound versus RFID Time ClockMinuteHound’s time management system logs all employee attendance data remotely in cloud servers. This prevents manipulation of attendance data and also leads to fair determination of employee payroll.

Purchase Time Clock System that Solves Buddy Punching and Late Punching
Some time management systems allow employees to punch their attendance data numerically into the system. This can allow groups of employees to engage in activities, such as buddy-punching and late punching. After all, you just have to enter the concerned employee’s login data and this task can be achieved by anyone at all. Biometrics technology makes use of characteristics, such as fingerprint information that can be difficult to manipulate

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