Wardrobe Malfunction!: Bethenny Frankel Added To This Long List!

Wardrobe Malfunction
Kendra Wilkinson

Here are some classic Wardrobe Malfunctions!

Bethenny Frankel Wardrobe Malfunction while doing a pushup!

While making an appereance on Anderson Cooper, Bethenny Frankel was asked why at parties she likes to do pushups on the dance floor. This conversation soon lead to Anderson Cooper challenging Bethenny to a push-up contest, right there on the set! Not backing down, Bethenny quicky accepted the challenge! She jumped down on the floor, ready for battle! However, poor Bethenny forgot she was wearing a skirt, and shen she jumped down, her skirt flew up! This caused for the most recent wardrobe malfunction going viral! Bethenny, to her credit, played it off in high spirits and simply asked the crowd, “How did it look!”. She also threw a dig at Snooki to add to the laughs from the audience!

Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction in front of Millions!

Who could forget this classic! Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show in February 2004 will never be forgotten! Janet Jackson showed the world just a tad too much for an all ages audience. While on stage with Justin Timberlake, they went through their rehearsed routine and then bam! Justin Timberlake at the very end of the set, ripped off Janet Jackson’s top! It looked as if it was part of the routine, however Janet Jackson and Justin both say it was a Wardrobe Malfunction! You can make up your own mind, however regardless of how it happened, the end result is a classic!

Nancy Grace Wardrobe Malfunction on Dancing With The Stars!

The show Dancing With the Stars is a super smash hit for ABC, and the family friendly show has been on the air for many years with huge ratings. Nancy Grace came to be a contestant in 2011, and during her routine she became even more famous for having a Wardrobe Malfunction! The big difference from Nancy Grace to stars like Janet Jackson and Bethenny Frankel, is that Nancy Grace is a former prosecutor! She is a legal advocate for victims rights! Just by her going on this show, demonstrates the courage she had for trying something so out of her element. The Wardrobe Malfunction happens and ABC cuts to a shot of the audience.
Watch the clip below and let us know what you think of it!

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Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction Performing Live on Stage!

Even the adorable Taylor Swift has fallen victim to the classic Wardrobe Malfunction! Taylor is seen greeting her fans, then walking up the ladder to begin her perfomance on stage. As Taylor is performing, she walks over a stage prop fan and her dress shoots up in the air! A true performer though, Taylor knows that “The Show Must Go On!”. She acts as if it never happened and gives her fans a great performance, Wardrobe Malfunction and all!

Eva Longoria Wardrobe Malfunction on David Letterman!

I think every guy knows who Eva Longoria is! She has graced the cover of just about every mens magazine on the market for years! She is most well known for her TV Show Desperate Housewives, another ABC hit. She was also once married to pro NBA player Tony Parker. While on David Letterman, she was promoting her cookbook and chose to wear a very revealing outfit!
Watch the clip below and let us know what you think of it!

Classic Miss Universe Wardrobe Malfunction on the Catwalk!

In this classic clip from a few years ago, poor Miss Universe was walking down the catwalk and her skirt fell down! It appears she was walking, accidentally stepped on her skirt and BAM! Off it went! We here at MinuteHound have to give her credit for even though she ran off stage, she did so with her head held high and a smile! I think all of us can relate to taking a wrong step or two, best of luck Miss Universe!

Wardrobe Malfunction While Racing On The Track!

This clip is for all you Race fans and Motor heads! This beautiful woman was asked to ride along in a suped up Toyota Supra and her reaction is priceless! After you watch the video, watch it one more time and look at the driver. This guy has on gloves, racing gear, helmet, and all of the above. All the while the beautiful woman is basically wearing her shirt with an average seat belt! I am not sure if they set her up or if it was staged, but either way, it makes for a great video! Post a comment below and let me know what you think.

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