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Businesses in the United States lose $148 billion in profits each year from payroll accounting errors. Your business may be losing up to 5% a day from buddy punching, time card errors, time clock tampering, and unauthorized overtime. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy and inexpensive way to improve your company’s payroll function? A fingerprint biometric time clock may be the answer you are looking for.

MinuteHound is a fingerprint biometric time clock that works for any business. Whether you have five employees or 500, the technology eliminates time theft in your workplace. The patented fingerprint biometric time clock software is easy to install and requires no training. Because it is cloud-based, you don’t need any badges or time card inventory. It uses 128-bit encryption to protect your employees’ privacy. Best of all, MinuteHound provides real-time reports so you can monitor your employees’ work schedules from anywhere in the world.

Fingerprint Clock in SystemYou can install the fingerprint biometric time clock on any computer. There is no need a dedicated terminal. Next you will enroll your employees. They can immediately clock-in with the touch of a finger and you can know about it in real time. A fingerprint is unique. There is no way that one employee can clock in or out for another with a fingerprint biometric time clock. In addition, if an employee shows up late, there is no way to manipulate a fingerprint biometric time clock to reflect a different time. Does cloud-based software put employees’ privacy at risk? Absolutely not. MinuteHound software uses advanced encryption technology to securely store all data. At the beginning of each shift, an employee clocks in with the fingerprint biometric time clock. Their fingerprint is converted into a binary number. This number is then pulled apart and stored on remote servers. There is no way for any of that data to be traced back to an individual.

When it is time to calculate payroll, nobody will need to thumb through time cards and hunch over a calculator for hours. This risks error and costs man hours that could be put to better use. MinuteHound automatically generates real-time accounting reports with just a few clicks. It will also alert you by email when employees are working outside their scheduled hours. The fingerprint biometric time clock software will allow you to quickly make adjustments as the staffing needs of your business change. Maybe you feel that a fingerprint biometric time clock is not right for you. MinuteHound also offers software without the fingerprint scanner. Employees simply log in from any web-connected device. That activity is recorded with a timestamp and an IP address. This ensures that they are exactly where you want them to be, exactly when you want them to be there. MinuteHound takes the hassle out of time and attendance accounting and lets you focus on your employees work output.

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