Is It Possible To Steal Time? Workforce Management

Can Employees Steal Time At Work?

Yes they can. Employees have friends at work that cover for them, sign them in when they shouldn’t, and many other methods to ensure their paychecks are never affected. Employees steal time on purpose and sometimes its just pure human nature. Whether you’re running late from a lunch break or there was traffic in the morning, most employees will always ensure their time is not docked. That is why MinuteHound was created. To stop this form of time theft and buddy punching. MinuteHound ensures that there is no way to steal time as each and every employee is held accountable. They must first verify who they are compared to just swiping a card or writing down on a timesheet. Impossible to steal time using this technology.

Do Many Employees Steal Time?

As a business owner you would hope all of your employees are honest and trustworthy, but the truth is they are not. Time theft and labor related issues cost organizations billions of dollars every year. The average employee steals over 50 minutes of time per 8 hour shift! So yes, most employees do steal time. Could be longer breaks than assigned, arriving late or leaving early. Even spending more time at the water cooler is stealing time. With MinuteHound, employees simply swipe their finger to verify themselves and to begin/end recording time. No way friends can cover for each other and no way they can mark down they arrived earlier than they actually did.

Allow Employees to Steal Time No More!

MinuteHound allows you to save both time and money along with decreasing payroll costs and deterring lawsuits. Many companies wonder how they got along without MinuteHound! This technology is truly a business “must” and once setup, you will see the results very quickly. As long as you have access to the internet, you can access reports. Employees will no longer steal time as the process itself eliminates that threat. Then it is just a matter of running reports and submitting for payroll! MinuteHound makes it payroll accurate and safe.

In addition to stopping time theft and automated reports, MinuteHound also offers a text and email alert system. You can input a schedule and if an employee does not adhere to it, an alert is sent out notifying you if the employee is early, late or never showed up. Try the system today!

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