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MinuteHound: The answer to workplace punctuality

Hiring employees is a tricky situation. Let’s say Bob, who is chronically late for work, always completes quality work. He believes that since his work is done well that coming in to work late is a minor issue, but for hiring managers and payroll workers, this matters. When company owners buy fingerprint scanners, MinuteHound time and attendance (time clock) software can help create a win-win situation for both the employer and the Bobs that are at every company.

Holding employees accountable for their time
Bob is going home with a $1,200 paycheck biweekly (excluding taxes). That’s $15 per hour for an eight-hour work day and 40 hours total each week. But his manager is always traveling or talking to clients so he’s not aware that Bob was a half hour late on Monday and Wednesday, and took a two-hour lunch on Friday. That’s $30 out of the pocket of the manager for one week, never mind what Bob did during week two. But who wants to get rid of the guy when he’s doing such great work? It’s difficult enough for hiring managers to find the right employees for a job. If they buy fingerprint scanners, they may be able to fix the attendance issue. Employees like Bob may worry that companies who buy fingerprint scanners lead to terminations, but the reality is it leads to companies paying for honest hours.

After the company buys the fingerprint scanners, employees utilize the computer device on any of the company’s designated computers. Managers and company owners will be able to identify who has clocked in, who has clocked out and eliminate buddy punching (an employee clocking in for another employee who hasn’t made it into the office). An added bonus to buy fingerprint scanners is the ability for the equipment to send a text message to the company owner’s cell phone to alert them when an employee hasn’t arrived. Buy fingerprint scanners to keep track of when a company is short-staffed or has too many employees for one shift in case of scheduling errors. The latter option is especially important in the retail industry.

How MinuteHound works

Innovation is MinuteHoundMinuteHound has a patent on cloud-based biometric identification, meaning this is the only company that can offer 100 percent Internet, cloud-based time documentation for employers who want to buy fingerprint scanners. And all time monitoring is available in real time 24/7. According to the American Payroll Association (APA), customers who buy fingerprint scanners reduce the average business’ payroll cost by 2 to 8 percent. This doesn’t mean MinuteHound leads to employee layoffs, just that managers who buy fingerprint scanners now have the ability to make sure they are only paying for the time that employees have worked.

Purchase MinuteHound

Company owners and managers can buy fingerprint scanners today. Both the employers and employees can quickly learn to use the simple fingerprint system, and technical instructions will be available. There is a risk-free money back guarantee, and free return shipping is provided should you ever want to cancel.

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