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Punch Clock Software Equals Perfection

Tired of never knowing precisely when your employees arrived for the day and when they left? Well, MinuteHound punch clock software makes doing so easier than ever. When they come into the office and are ready to begin work, they place their finger on the biometric fingerprint time clock, and they do the same at the end of the day. As a result, you know the exact amount of time that they spent at work, and you can pay accordingly. Down to the second accurate, punch clock software replaces any system your currently using.

Certainly after hearing about this system, you might be a bit worried about privacy. However, this punch clock software makes the privacy of your employees a priority. It is impossible for the fingerprints to be traced back to one single person. As the boss, you’ll know all that you need to: when the employees clocked in and clocked out. In addition to being private and secure, this punch clock software system is also incredibly easy to use. Instead of printing out a list of confusing statistics that you need to calculate for yourself, MinuteHound will give you a report that is full of detailed attendance information. From the smallest businesses to the largest companies, MinuteHound is simplifying lives across the nation.

Punch Clock Software Costs And Benefits

If you don’t think you need this punch clock software, think again. The American Payroll Association reports that businesses lose five percent of their money every year because of people clocking in for one another and schedule exceptions. Since employees need to use their unique fingerprint to log in and out of the system, no one can ever sign in for someone else again. You’ll have more accurate account statements and save money when you decide to replace your current system with advanced punch clock software.

Instant Savings with MinuteHound's Punch Clock SoftwareNow you’re probably wondering how much this punch clock software is going to cost you. The biometric scanner itself is a one time fee of $99.95. It is backed by a lifetime money back guarantee. No long term commitments. You can cancel whenever you want for whatever reason you may have. MinuteHound’s punch clock software is the most advanced and cost effective on the market. Lifetime updates are included. The prices are so low, that it will pay for itself. You will never have a reason to cancel as your business will run so smoothly. You will have more time and more savings to reinvest into your business. Punch clock software transforms the way you run your company.

Web Time Tracking With Punch Clock Software

Not only is punch clock software very low cost, but also convenient. When an employee swipes their finger on the scanner, this information is captured live. Down to the second, your records are available for viewing. Your able to log in from anywhere, at anytime, with any internet enabled device and check on staff. Punch clock software saves all information to offsite cloud servers using 128-bit data encryption. From your home or on vacation, you have access to your office. The time is now to spark a change in your office and take control of your payroll and staff. Punch clock software is your true solution for today, and everyday moving forward.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others

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