Minutehound™ Is A True Zero Touch Solution

2020 was a historic year for many reasons, but non as life-changing as COVID19. It shook the world and no region or group of people were spared. Business and organizational practices had to be completely redone. Within a couple of months, everyone’s life abruptly changed. Face masks and gloves became required workplace attire. Every workplace had to keep making changes, and adapting to all the new rules and norms as the headlines kept rolling in. Business owners had to quickly solve the never-ending problem of how to protect their employees while making their business safe for customers. COVID19 created many challenges; MinuteHound developed zero-touch facial recognition time and attendance to make the workplace safer for staff members while boosting efficiency.

Zero Touch Facial Recognition
Zero Touch Facial Recognition

Zero-touch facial recognition time and attendance is the process of verification, then recording time worked. This way, employees cannot buddy punch or “milk the clock” for additional time. Simply put, facial recognition is the manager ensuring everyone stays honest and motivated from shift start to finish. MinuteHound works as the design is simple to understand and apply:

– Download the application to any device (Mac, Android, PC)
– Enroll your employees (Takes about 45 seconds to enroll each employee)
– That’s it! Employees can start recording their time by looking at the camera

There is no touching, sharing, or contact made on any level. This means the risk of spreading germs via the typical time clock device is erased. This zero-touch solution works in any work environment. From minimum staffing to large organizations. Employees can feel secure knowing that their time is accurately recorded all while applying safe work habits that keep everyone working, not quarantined.

Zero Touch – Zero Contact Time and Attendance

MinuteHound is free for 21 days, this is how confident MinuteHound is in their technology. No credit card is required. Innovation only brings your company success if applied. This way each and every business owner, shift manager, and even the employee can experience this technological breakthrough firsthand. Instead of the employees having to worry about sharing pens, signing in on the same timesheet, or even worse using a fingerprint scanner; all they now have to do is smile! Convert your company to a zero-touch solution today to bring about a much-needed change in this new business atmosphere.

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