MinuteHound Time Clock Reviews: Navigating and Understanding

The Common Sense Approach to Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews

When you’re looking for a clock-in solution for your business, you will want to make use of customer reviews and testimonials for the hands-on thoughts of people who have made the big decision and actually put the product into daily use. However, sometimes it can be difficult to determine exactly what you should be looking for in these reviews. Some of the points that sold the product to the writer may not be relevant to your needs, and other writers may love or hate what you need or want to avoid. Here we’ll read between the lines of fingerprint time clock reviews.

Perhaps the first thing you should look for in time clock reviews is the level of customer support that the manufacturer will provide you. Getting a time clock without a competent level of support is absurd as this is a brand new product to you, and you will want to find a time clock that offers you 24/7 support. If the time clock reviews you’re perusing say nothing about support, it likely doesn’t have any, or maybe the writer didn’t need the support. A review of the MinuteHound fingerprint time clock will show outstanding support 24/7 by means of web, email, or phone. Any system you are comparing should be as accessible.

Time Clock Reviews: Other Points to Consider

The second major point to be put loud and clear is what the system does to not just prevent time theft, but eliminate it. As you likely know, “buddy punching” is a very common practice costing employers up to an added 10% of their payroll expenses, and with traditional time clock systems it is impossible to control. If this is a serious problem in your workplace, systems that use a code or password are not a cure for this problem. Making use of an employee’s unique fingerprint is where you should turn.

Time Clock ReviewsIs the fingerprint system encrypted, thus protecting the identity of the employee? Is the system cloud-based so no data is ever lost? Is it Green, meaning it’s paperless?

Can it send you alerts if employees are late or tardy? Will it integrate with your current payroll system, and can the program be tailored to your needs? Make sure you read about all these things, and more. Do you need special equipment to use it? If you are new to a product, you must know it’s advantages and disadvantages, for this is a big decision. Most importantly, what is the risk to you? Does it have a guarantee? How much does it cost to use each day?

Fingerprint time clock reviews will give you invalueable insight. If you keep all these things in mind while you sort through opinions, they will help you decide on the time clock that fits your workplace, and more importantly, fits your management style. Do your research, for the more you know, the more confident you will be when choosing MinuteHound!

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