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Every year, employers lose millions of dollars paying employees for unworked hours. Forgetful or unscrupulous employees manufacture schedule exceptions or use methods like Buddy Punching (basically, having other employees clock in or out for the individual in their absence) to rob their employers of hours worked, oftentimes with little indication that such theft has occurred. Fortunately, such methods are completely eliminated with MinuteHound time clock software; using MinuteHound, employees can easily clock in or out with a simple swipe of a finger.

MinuteHound’s premium time clock software provides a wealth of information for the business manager. Detailed worksheets will be automatically generated, letting you view the big picture at a glance. Additionally, MinuteHound time clock software lets you track individual worker’s hours and pay over any amount of time, making payroll a snap. Best of all, managers can set custom employee alerts, letting them manage staffing on an hour to hour basis from the comfort of your desk.

Time clock software is a particular boon for managers who find themselves traveling on a frequent basis. Studies show that employees are most likely to deliberately cheat on their hours when managers are absent, especially around the holiday season. Now, through the beauty of the cloud, you can use our time clock software to monitor your workplace from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can even set MinuteHound to text you whenever an employee clocks out early, making it easy to manage your staff anywhere at any time.

Time Clock Software That Is Easy to Install and is Cost Effective

Our time clock software and biometric fingerprint scanners are simple to set up at any office, and new employees can be swiped in and added to the system in less than 2 minutes. Best of all, there’s no learning curve: even managers without technical backgrounds can easily use the MinuteHound time clock software. Should any issues present themselves, however, our attentive staff are just a free call away. That doesn’t mean that we’ve sacrificed security, however: our time clock software boasts 128-bit encryption, and is completely paperless.

Application of Cloud ComputingBecause of its centralized and digitized nature, MinuteHound costs far less than the typical time clock system. The system uses almost no electricity, so daily upkeep amounts to mere pennies a day. On the purchasing side, we utilize a subscription based system, minimizing risk on the part of employer. If you don’t like MinuteHound, just send it back, and we’ll cancel your subscription immediately.

With all of these useful features, MinuteHound truly represents the future of time clock software, and office record keeping in general. MinuteHound is the perfect solution to time theft for employers, managers, and employees alike.

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