Is An Attendance System Using RFID Even Worth It?

Attendance System Using RFID Provides Challenges That Negatively Impact Business

An attendance system using RFID devices is quickly becoming outdated as new options for tracking attendance come to light. MinuteHound provides one such device in the form of a USB fingerprint reader that requires nothing more than a thumbprint for employees to clock in or out. Imagine a system that doesn’t require you to keep inventory or deal with missing cards. An attendance system using RFID also poses significant risks to your business in the form of potential data loss and an inability to confirm who is actually clocking in and out at work. An attendance system using RFID also doesn’t give you automated alerts through text and email to notify you when an employee clocks in late or is clocking in too early for a shift.

Why an Attendance System Using RFID is Not the Best Choice
It used to be that an attendance system using RFID provided business owners with a safe and secure method of clocking employees in and out. In more recent times, RFID devices have problems with security since anyone with an RFID card reader can get data from an RFID chip from only a feet feet away. It’s time for your business to come into the 21st century and use fingerprint devices to keep your employees and business protected from data mining and identity theft. Not to mention, an attendance system using RFID has plenty of overhead costs and usually costs more in monthly fees to operate. Your business gets charged based on the number of cards you need and number of employees in your business. An attendance system that uses fingerprint device has virtually no overhead costs and uses a computer and Internet connection that most companies already have. Stop using an attendance system using RFID devices and use a safer, more reliable method of tracking your employee attendance.

Alternatives to an Attendance System Using RFID
Secure Employee Tracking SoftwareThe only good alternative to an attendance system using RFID devices is a fingerprint reader. You can go back to the paper punch cards that you have to manually calculate at the end of each week, but that is costly and takes a large amount of time to process. Systems that use employee numbers to clock employees in and out also don’t provide the best benefits since other employees can use that number to clock in a friend that’s late.

By using a time clock that makes an employee use their thumb to clock in you get rid of the chance that someone else can clock in an employee. This helps you get better control of your company and reduce loss that comes with time theft. A thumbprint system doesn’t require inventory and can be set up in minutes. Your managers don’t even need training to learn how to use the reader. The entire system is plug and play and completely intuitive to use.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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Biometric Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound vs. Attendance System Using RFID.

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