Not Your Grandma’s Automated Attendance System

Automated Attendance Systems’ & The Future

Schools are famous for using automated attendance systems to verify a child’s absence from school. The old system worked, but it was far from perfect. MinuteHound takes automated attendance to a revolutionary new height. Its system is as close to perfect as it gets. Now both employers and schools can benefit from the latest time clock technology. Attendance tracking has matured.

Save Money And The Environment

The automated attendance systems of the past can’t compete with the efficiency of MinuteHound time clock software. Gone are the stacks of time cards. Date logs, attendance sheets, and the file folders that once stored them are no longer necessary. Cloud-based time clock software eradicates paper waste. The environment smiles and so can you. Costs on purchasing time tracking related paper are eliminated. All record keeping transpires in a cloud. Texts and emails replace paper records and notices.

Curtail Cheating

School kids were exceptional cheaters of automated systems of the past. The most determined kids found ways to safely play hooky. MinuteHound’s
biometric fingerprint
technology makes all such cheating impossible. Biometric identifiers are distinctive. No one can pretend to be someone else. Automated attendance systems have grown up. It’s impossible to cheat the technology our software relies on. There’s no faking physiological characteristics. No stunts such as impersonating mom’s voice will work.

Eliminate Errors

It was time to dance when automated attendance records were lost. MinuteHound’s software stops the music. Everyone becomes accountable with our error-proof time and attendance software. No excuses can be used to skirt around the system, either. The old school line, “I didn’t know,” won’t work anymore. We offer reliable data-handling and 24-hour support. There’s always someone standing by to answer questions. Unlike homework, no MinuteHound record will ever be “lost.”

Time to Start Saving! With an Automated Attendance System

Avoid Obligations

Back in the day, automated attendance systems were clunky. Installations were expensive. Contracts and down payments were always in order. Not anymore. MinuteHound is proud to offer a risk-free product. We have no closet-sized telephone system to install and obligate you. You can withdraw from our support as fast as you can transfer data.

Enjoy Security

The old automated attendance systems came with high security risks. Crafty class clowns, vengeance-inspired nerds, and catty ultra-popular kids worked in a school’s main office. No freshmen was immune from danger. Any attendance record might be exposed to the student body during the early days of automated attendance. MinuteHound, fortunately, uses 128-bit encryption to transfer data. All potentially embarrassing records are safe and password protected.

Get Started with MinuteHound Today!

Get all of these modern perks for just pennies a day. You can’t cheat a system that can text a late student or employee. Costly record keeping errors or breeches in security are a thing of the past. Plus, our time clock system has no learning curve. If you are ready now click the buy now button on the top right. For more information visit MinuteHound’s homepage. Remember we offer a full money back guarantee we encourage you to try the system and if it is not good we will return your scanner. We even pay for shipping both ways.

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