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The Many Uses of Automated Attendance Systems

A biometric automated attendance system has many conventional and unconventional uses. Schools, businesses and organizations can use the automated attendance system to improve time tracking and verify an individual’s identity. The technology takes an individual fingerprint and matches it to the company database to verify when an individual clocks in or out. All that is needed on the part of the company is a computer and the portable USB fingerprint reader. Once an employee clocks in, information gets securely transferred to the cloud using secure 128-bit encryption.

Use in Schools
A automated attendance system can serve as a confirmation in colleges and universities for both students and teachers and office staff. Using a biometric attendance system, teachers can do away with traditional roll call. Grade schools can also use the system to take attendance and greatly eliminate time lost to attendance. When a substitute teacher takes on the challenge of dealing with a new class, students won’t be able to switch classes or assume the identity of another student. This can increase safety and accountability on the part of the students.

Business Use
Time theft is a problem that too many employees feel they can get away with. Managers are aware of the problem, but it’s not always possible to be there to clock the employee in. An automated attendance system uses a simple fingerprint reader to verify when an employee clocks in. This allows the manager to make sure that an employee is clocking in and out on time. If an error is made, corrections can be made to the logs. A review of the automated attendance system records indicates the difference between manual and authentic entries.

SaaS- Attendance Software Free DownloadLabs can use automated attendance system to track scientists that enter and leave. It can be used by receptionists to make sure that only authorized individuals take items from a lab. Pharmacists can use the automated attendance system to require all employees to clock in to provide an indisputable record that the employee was working. If anything is stolen, you won’t always know who was there that didn’t clock in, but you will know for certain who was working. A biometric attendance system makes your life easier and your business more secure.

Tracking Employees
When an employee clocks in late or leaves early, the boss will know. Alerts get sent by text message or email to let the manager know. This can help a manager deal with attendance issues before it’s too late. A manager can call the late employee from anywhere and try to get a shift covered in the event of an accident. Get more control over your company with an automated attendance system.

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