Online Clock in System: Let us Count The Ways!

Online Clock in System – Reduces Time Theft

An online clock in system is a great way to reduce payroll discrepancies and ensure that employees are working the times they say they are. Our system is based on patented technology and relies on the individual biometric signature that is found in everyone’s fingerprints. This technology prevents friends from punching in for each other. Studies show that most businesses suffer in the range of 5% on payroll expenses directly relating to time theft. A comprehensive online clock in system can put this money back into the business where it belongs.

Assign the Proper Resources – With Our Online Clock In System

Cloud technology is used to keep all of the data safe and accessible. This feature ensures that management can access their current human resource needs from anywhere in the world. Managers can then be sure they assign the proper personnel to get the job done on time. Under and over staffing are two of the problems that are solved with constant access to human resource information. Our online clock in system is safe, secure, and constantly updated to meet the demands of today’s business needs.

Online Clock In System – Provides Safe Storage

Our 128-Bit Encryption Keeps Your Information Safe!Our online clock in system ensures that all of the payroll information is kept secure in our cloud storage. The information is always accessible from any internet connected device. This information needs to be kept safe from a variety of different parties, and we use the latest 128-bit encryption technology to ensure the highest levels of security.

Our Online Clock In System – Easy to Setup

Some systems take hours for a person to figure how to setup and work. This creates a situation where there is only one employee who knows how to get the equipment to operate correctly. When they are not onsite, a host of problems can develop. Our online clock in system is a breeze to setup. It only takes a few minutes, and the entire system is self-explanatory. This saves time and money and is sure to be a welcomed feature.

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Online Clock in System: Meet the Demands of Tomorrow…Today!

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