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Fingerprint Attendance: Say Hello to Productivity!

What business owner doesn’t want an increase in employee productivity while saving money? Cutting corners in order to save money is a good idea, but when it comprises integrity, it’s time for a change. As an employer looking for ways to save money, you might think it’s better to stick with ID badges and paper time sheets as a means of verifying employee attendance. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A biometric fingerprint attendance system can cut payroll costs in half simply by eliminating the paper trail and the hours of work that goes along with it.

With a fingerprint attendance system, no longer will you have to sift through endless piles of inaccurate time cards. MinuteHound takes the work out of working! With a touch of a finger, everyone’s identity is verified and safely stored with 128-bit encryption on the cloud. How many times have you gone looking for an employee only to have his co-worker try to cover for him? While the honor system works for some, there are many who take advantage of the situation. Buddy punching and time theft are prevalent throughout the corporate world. Punching in or out for friends is illegal, costing companies thousands of dollars each year. With MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance system, time theft becomes extinct.

Save Money | Fingerprint Attendance is Paperless

Fingerprint AttendanceWho doesn’t want to protect the environment? With MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance system, it’s easy to do your part! Since it’s paperless, you can say goodbye to those filing cabinets filled with ancient paper records. Since MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance scanner is 100 percent digital, employers can log in and verify employees’ attendance from the laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You are also able to set up customized alerts via text message or email to notify you when one of your trusty crew has come missing.

MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance system is the size of a computer mouse and can be installed on any computer you choose. Simply plug in the USB and register your employees. It’s that simple! Neither you nor your employees will waste time sitting through boring training courses. MinnuteHound’s fingerprint attendance verification scanner is cost effective. For a fraction of the cost of paper supplies, MinuteHound gives you the highest level security and top-notch quality for all of your attendance tracking needs. You’ll never be asked to sign a long term contract with a MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance device. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can cancel service at any time. At MinuteHound, customer satisfaction is top priority!

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