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Online Time Tracking- Cost Effective and Easy To Use

Using online time tracking software is an incredibly easy way to save money on payroll costs. When you use a device like MinuteHound, you can effectively track your employees hours using cutting edge biometric technology.

How Does It Work?

Online time tracking devices work just like a regular time clock, except your employees need to log into the system using their fingerprints. This is helpful for business owners because it eliminates things like “buddy punching” where employees punch in for a friend.

When an employee punches in using an online time tracking device, all of their hours are tracked online. Their hours are stored on cloud servers, so you never have to worry about them being lost or deleted. There are many redundancies in place to make sure that the hours are always backed up and secure.

The online time tracking software is viewable by employees, their managers and whoever else has the credentials to look at them. Are you worried about employees changing their hours? One of the great things about online time tracking software is the fact that you can give certain people permissions to change the data, and not allow others. MinuteHound has 5 different levels of permissions to choose from.

Online Time Tracking Allows For Live Reporting and Editing

It is easy to set up employees with read permissions while setting up managers with editing permissions that allow them to alter hours. Since this information is online, you can access it from anywhere that has an internet connection. If you are traveling and curious about peoples hours, you simply need to log into the online time tracking software and see exactly what is going on.

There are more benefits to this software than accurate tracking and ease of access. The software can be set up to remind employees if they are running late or if they forget a shift. Your managers get a break from trying to contact employees; the software can be set up to automatically send an email or text to employees.

Online Time TrackingOnline time tracking software is very easy to set up. The system can be installed on any computer in a matter of minutes. Simply plug the scanner into any computer, install the software and you are ready to go. This saves you a ton of money on time cards, inventory and tracking. You literally need to spend a couple of pennies per day to have your system up and running.

More Benefits Of Using Online Time Tracking Software

Online time tracking is simple to use, but at MinuteHound, we understand that problems sometimes happen. Our team is always ready to help you round the clock. We always have team members available to offer support and fix any errors you may have. Try our online time tracking software, it is risk free and you are under no obligation to keep it if you are not satisfied.

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