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Employee Attendance Tracking Made Simple

Business owners across the country all face the same challenges when it comes to employee time and attendance. Organizations small and large uses various techniques in order to keep track of all staff activity. From punch cards and sign-in sheets to pin and password type systems, there are many options out there for business owners to choose from. The bottom-line is that employee attendance tracking should make life easier, not harder. Running a business is hard enough, worrying about if employees showed up on time and didn’t leave early should not be of concern.

MinuteHound’s unique form of employee attendance tracking is proven to work and guarantees results. All staff members have to do is arrive to work, take breaks, and leave for the day with a simple scan. MinuteHound works on biometric technology, which means every employee has to scan their finger upon entry and exit. This quick 2 second process first verifies an employees identity, then records the time. Employee attendance tracking could not be more user friendly or accurate. Every worker is responsible for their own actions.

Employee Attendance Tracking For Easy Payroll and Accounting

Using biometrics for employee attendance tracking is quick and simple. Since all employees have to scan in, there will be no mistakes and all cheating is over. Friends cannot cover for each other, and numbers can’t be changed. MinuteHound provides crystal clear time and attendance reports at all times, therefore payroll becomes a breeze. Within a few clicks, reports can be downloaded and exported. Employee attendance tracking using biometrics is common sense technology for this digital world.

Employee Attendance TrackingMinuteHound’s employee attendance tracking allows for access 24/7. As soon as an employee places their finger or thumb on the scanner, that time is available for viewing. So if a manager is across town at another location, or on vacation in a different country, MinuteHound makes the office virtual. Employee attendance tracking can be done from anywhere, and business leaders can stay up to date with all the activity in their place of business.

Text and Email Alerts Using Employee Attendance Tracking

What happens if an employee shows up to work and never clocks in? What happens if someone doesn’t show up at all? Or how about those employees always arriving a few minutes late or escaping early? MinuteHound has you covered! By using employee attendance tracking, MinuteHound can send out text messages and email alerts in order to notify management or any designated party on which employees are not adhering to their schedule. Try MinuteHound out today risk free!

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