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Timesheet Online Allows Cost-Effective, Remote Time Tracking

A lot of companies focus their efforts on getting new business and making more revenue to increase their bottom-line. An alternate angle is to look inside instead. Finding ways to make the workplace more effective and efficient should be just as important as getting new business. With Minutehound timesheet online system, you can improve the bottom line of your company and save huge costs that result from inaccurate tracking, botched time tracking processes, and mistakes in keying in timesheet online information. With such a timesheet online system, all data is centrally collected in the cloud. It allows you to work seamlessly, eliminating distraction and preventing scattered attention.

Compared to Alternative Systems

There are a lot of alternative systems that exist for tracking timesheet online and offline. These include ID’s, passwords, badges, timecards, and logging into a website. All of these however lead to the loss of efficiency, loss of revenue, and a gnawing frustration that comes from not feeling 100% secure in the process. Gaps, glitches, and errors are inevitable with these systems. This leads to potential loss of revenue even with the best intentions of employees and managers.

Setting Up System

Small and large organizations have the same problem. These issues are universal. With Minutehound, you receive time tested solutions that can prevent the overhead dealing with alternative or absent time-tracking and timesheet online systems. A variety of industries use MinuteHound to ensure they have a reliable and cost-effective system to track time. Downtime is kept to a minimum and setup is dirt simple. It’s simply a matter of plugging in the fingerprint scanner into your computer’s USB port and downloading a small program. That’s it.

Easy to Enroll

100% Secure Cloud Based Time Clock SoftwareIt’s just as easy to enroll employees. Checking in and out takes a matter of seconds. After your staff verifies their attendance, you will have reports that you can use to validate their hours and time commitment to their job. There is no upfront investment. Also, no need for large equipment with this timesheet online system. It’s simply purchasing the fingerprint scanner with a lifetime money back guarantee. From there, you need a computer system to plug it into. Once done, you can go paperless and stay green.

Technical Details

If you need to export your time and attendance data from the timesheet online, you can do so. MinuteHound exports to almost any accounting program. The data is 128-bit encrypted as well. Only you and designated staff have access to the timesheet online data. All data is web based. All data is stored in the cloud.

Accessing Data From Anywhere

The world is becoming more mobile. As each year passes, more people are using mobile devices to connect to the Web. Also smartphones are in the hands of more people. At this stage, mobile Internet use has increased to where it is linked to more traffic than desktops or laptops. With MinuteHound, you are able to log-in to your personal portal and review your details, including detailed reports, from any mobile device. This gives you ultimate flexibility in managing your timesheet online.


MinuteHound time and attendance software is simple, robust, and easy to setup and integrate in your infrastructure. MinuteHound adds a biometric element to your existing system that makes time tracking as reliable as can be. MinuteHound time and attendance system will leave you wondering how you survived without it.

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