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Going Paperless with Online Timesheet Technology

Going paperless is more popular than ever these days. Many people and companies involved in the movement cite environmental conservation as their top reason for going paperless, but the fact is that there are quite a few less selfless reasons for making the choice.

Owners of small and large businesses alike understand all too well that paper is an expense. In eliminating expenses, going paperless is a great first step. When it comes to employee attendance records, then, it would be easy to see the appeal of adopting online timesheets for your place of business.

It used to be that any wage-based employer would have a time clock and stacks of paper punch cards. Online timesheets are the logical next step from this decidedly antiquated technology. They allow for more accurate record keeping, which translates to less lost time for you. One of the biggest expenses for any business is time theft, whether it was purposefully done or not. The fact is that employee attendance records have been rife with potential inaccuracy for a long time now, which is why online timesheets are becoming as popular as they are in the modern workplace.

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This is to say nothing of the legal precedents. Employers are required by law to keep accurate records of the time their employees spend on the job. Business owners and managers, therefore, have a vested interest in keeping their records spotless. It is for that reason that MinuteHound has become a trusted source for biometric technology and online timesheets. We offer a comprehensive time keeping solution that perfectly combines hardware and software. It begins when your employees use their fingerprints to clock in and out with our advanced biometric time clocks. From there, the entire process is automated.

Biometric Hand PunchWhy biometrics? As we’ve established, time theft is a large and unnecessary expense for businesses everywhere. You can eliminate time theft with a biometric time clock. Employees won’t be able to swap or share badges; now, the only person who can clock an employee out is that employee. With this solution in place, you can be sure that the online timesheets for each employee are accurate and free from dishonesty.

It’s not just about time theft; managers will be pleased to know that their company’s online timesheets can be accessed from anywhere, thanks to our cloud technology. This means that records on every company computer are always up to date. Online timesheets and biometrics offer another important innovation: automatic notifications. Whenever an employee deviates from their scheduled shift, automatic email or text message alerts are generated to let you know there’s been a problem. For all these reasons and more, MinuteHound has become a leader for online timesheets and biometric workplace technology. Try our workplace solutions risk-free and you’ll see the difference for yourself.

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