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PC Time Clock Software: Reasons Why It Is Crucial For All Businesses

Peter Pan Quotes For Business“To die would be an awfully big adventure”Peter Pan
Now although this might be a great quote if you live in Neverland, it is not the best motto for business owners! If your a small business owner or a corporate CEO, you have to make rock solid decisions in order for your company to succeed on every possible level. You need to cut costs, increase profits and help your business flourish. The last thought in your head is an adventure if your business fails. You need to be pro-active, not re-active in the way you run your business. Regardless of product or service, you have employees. MinuteHound’s PC time clock is your all inclusive tool for success. The best adventure you can take, is that of total success. MinuteHound can help you get there!

What this PC time clock software can do for your organization is to simplify the process of tracking, storing, and ensuring accuracy in regards to employee activity. Employee time tracking is important for salary, employment record keeping, insurance, efficiency planning and other reasons. Using Minutehound PC time clock software is a highly effective way to deal with what is a very necessary and in many cases a mandatory office function. Every year American businesses report losses of $148 billion dollars due to time theft, employee fraud, error, and problems dealing with time and attendance/payroll. PC time clock software was designed to solve all of these issues.

MinuteHound’s PC time clock software requires no formal training. No learning curve to master. The PC time clock software is driven by biometric technology. Fingerprints are unique to every human being alive. If you use fingerprint to track time, you guarantee accurate reports. Time sheets, cards, badges, and ID and passwords can be shared by friends at work. This is employee abuse. They take advantage of older systems that do not hold them accountable. PC time clock software solves this issue once and for all.

The Ease Of Use And Power Of PC Time Clock Software

The PC time clock software uses a USB fingerprint scanner to replace whatever system your currently using. The scanner is plug and play. Very easy to use and setup. From now on, your employees simply swipe their finger when arriving/leaving work. This ensures your employees are honest 24/7. There is no cheating the PC time clock system. It runs on any existing computer your already using. No extra equipment to buy. No inventory to manage.

MinuteHound’s PC time clock software never records the fingerprint image. Instead, that image is broken down into a set of numbers and transferred to offsite servers. Identity theft is impossible. Your employees information is never at risk. Just another added level of peace of mind when using PC time clock software. In addition, you as an employer can access your company information 24/7. Whether on your iPhone or at your work computer, all you need is an internet connection to access your live reports. PC time clock software is the most secure, accurate, and convenient way of running your business.

MinuteHound PC Time Clock Cures Human ErrorIn addition to storing and retrieving information from the cloud, PC time clock software cures human error as well. We all know how employees “forget” to clock in or out. Well now that doesn’t matter. An alert system is built into the PC time clock software so that designated managers receive text and e-mail based alerts. This way if there is a problem with the employee, right on the spot your notified. Also, if your on a business trip this keeps you in the loop if any of your employees are late or tries leaving early. MinuteHound’s PC time clock was built for the employer. It is a way of saving money, reducing stress, and making payroll a breeze.

PC Time Clock Software Is The Easiest Decision You Will Ever Make!

PC time clock software has no expiration date. With your low monthly subscription, lifetime updates are included. In addition to updates customer service and support are also included. If you ever run into a problem, simply pick up a phone. The professional team at MinuteHound are always working to better help your success. The price points of MinuteHound PC time clock software are also so low, this system pays for itself. Typically clients who switch to MinuteHound see a return on their investment of 2300%. If you like these numbers, then it is time to make the switch to biometrics!

Over 150,000 users clock in and out of work using PC time clock software. This article that you have just read, is the best kept secret in business. Time theft and employee fraud plague every type of business of all sizes. The good news is that time theft is the easiest problem to fix. Fingerprint recognition software such as MinuteHound’s PC time clock is your surefire way to save. With the use of this software, you now reduce costs, increase profits. It is time to make the easiest decision you have ever made! Make the switch today. You will be so glad you did!

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