School Online Attendance System- Higher Education Benefits

The Benefits of an Online Attendance System for Higher Education

At practically all hours of the day and night, employees can be found darting to and fro on college campuses. Professors may be heading to teach their night classes, or students might be on their way to on-campus jobs that start well before their courses do. With all of these employees, finding the right time attendance system is difficult. What are some of the reasons why an online attendance system is the right answer?

All types of businesses lose so much money each year because of employee fraud. This problem is particularly difficult at work places where bosses and managers do not always see their employees on a regular basis. An online attendance system is practically a set of eyes watching the staff clock-in and clock-out. MinuteHound’s online attendance system uses fingerprint technology. As a result, employees are unable to clock in or out for anyone other than themselves.

Interested parties might wonder how this device functions if an employee does not show up for a shift, comes in late or takes off for unapproved time. MinuteHound’s online attendance system is so advanced that it can be programmed to send an email or a text message to manager or supervisor. This gives the management team a notification, and these individuals can begin working to ensure that the work is still completed and that someone takes the place of the missing employee.

Online Attendance System Features Easy To Use Time Clock Software

This online attendance system also uses plug-and-play software. In a higher education setting where so many activities are happening, most departments and facilities do not have the time to finagle with complicated software and programs. Not only is MinuteHound’s technology easy to install, but it is also very suitable for an academic environment. You will just need a computer for it to work, and those can be found all across the campus. Certain computers will likely be designated if you choose to use this online attendance system.

Biometric Time and AttendanceAs noted earlier, colleges often do not sleep, much like the students who are busy studying for examinations and writing research papers and other documents. Fortunately, if you have any trouble with your online attendance system, support is available around the clock. You do not have to wait until the next morning to find out what is wrong with the program. Operations can continue as usual right away.

Online Attendance System For Every Sized Business

Chances are, when you start to use this online attendance system in your school, you will begin to notice changes. You will be able to save money and see a higher amount in the overall budget. Furthermore, employees need not be wary of this online attendance system because it uses 128-bit encryption to ensure that all sensitive data and information is protected.

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