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Time theft is a serious and costly issue. From buddy punching to break abuse to even frivolous wage claims, time theft is a growing business concern. Fortunately, there is time clock software available to reduce and even eliminate time theft in your business. Time theft is simply being paid for time not actually working. It’s being clocked into work but either not working or not even on the site premises. It’s changing the time stamps on the time clock to show different working hours. Knowingly making false claims on time spent working is time theft. Time clock software, like MinuteHound, makes it much harder for employees to engage in time theft.

Buddy Punching
Buddy punching is the act of time clock punching for a friend. A worker who is going to be late a few minutes might ask a friend to punch their time card so the worker avoids penalties for being late. It also means the worker is paid for the time they aren’t working. Typical time clock software doesn’t stop this as they still rely on easily shared punch methods. MinuteHound stops this with their biometric time clock software. Employees use their fingerprints to punch in and out.

Break Abuse
Break abuse represents an area of business loss, especially for those businesses that rely on queue management. Employees may punch out late for their breaks but still take their mandated break. They might take long breaks and come back late. They may even take more breaks than they are allowed to. Moreover, they may not even punch in and out properly.

Traditional time clocks put all time information on paper. In order to evaluate whether an employee was late for their breaks, managers need to go through the time card by hand. Time clock software has made this much easier. Managers can get an alert telling them when break schedules are not being followed. They can quickly determine if an employee is abusing their breaks.

Frivolous Wage Claims

All too often, an employee will decide to file a frivolous wage claim to get more money from an employer they have left. An employee will claim they worked more hours than they were paid for. They might claim they weren’t given proper breaks. Frivolous wage claims can be costly for a business. Not only are their legal fees to be paid, but in some cases, companies may have to pay these fake claims. Since traditional time cards are prone to editing, these frivolous wage claims can turn into a she said, he said argument. Time clock software that uses biometrics puts an end to these kinds of arguments. The employee knows that the time clock software uses biometrics to identify them and the time clock data can’t be changed. Time clock software, like MinuteHound, is a must for any business that wants to protect their bottom line from time theft. Even if you don’t think your business has a time theft problem, it’s better to be proactive and install time clock software that will protect your business in the future.

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