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Why You Should Purchase A Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance Scanner

While time theft may not seem like a big deal to the employee, it is a major problem for the companies they work for. Companies end up paying much more on payroll than is rightfully deserved. The problem is that time theft can be hard to identify, let alone prove without a doubt. What is Time Theft? In simple terms, time theft is when an employee receives money for time they did not spend in job-related activities. This results in a waste of resources that can cost companies thousands of dollars per employee.

While there are many forms of time theft, a few examples include:

Buddy punching
Excessively long breaks
Late starts/early finishes
Unauthorized overtime
Unproductive activities

A Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance System Can Reduce Time Theft

To stop time theft from causing further financial damage to companies, MinuteHound developed a unique fingerprint time and attendance system. This system is designed to read fingerprint data, which is then used to log in and out of the system. A biometric fingerprint time and attendance system does not rely on time cards and can prevent time theft in the workplace. With a biometric fingerprint time and attendance system, time theft methods such as buddy punching are harder because everything is recorded by computer. If someone logs in with the wrong fingerprint, it will recognize that the wrong person is logging in, and will send you an E-mail. Using a fingerprint time and attendance system will save your company a great deal of time and money and allow you to easily identify instances of time theft so you can deal with those responsible.

What is Done with the Data?
When an employee logs into the fingerprint time and attendance system, it will record their fingerprint, time and date the person logs in and out of the system and other pertinent information. The data is then transferred to a secure cloud-based server. Placing the data on a cloud-based server allows the data to be easily accessed from any location on any Internet-connected device. All data is encrypted using a powerful 128-bit encryption algorithm in transit. Even if the data is somehow intercepted, it will not be readable. The server is also password protected, and all activity is logged to prevent and identify attempts to tamper with the data.

No-Scanner Option
MinuteHound’s fingerprint time and attendance system also has a scanner-less option. Information is stored on a secure website that can be logged into remotely using a username and password.

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