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Why You Should Care About Your Punch Time Clocks

Many business people believe that their current system of manual punch time clocks is good enough. They see timekeeping as a “back office” function without much to do with their bottom line. On the other hand, these companies will often spend a lot of money and invest in costly, state of the art inventory tracking systems. They believe that keeping precise track of every item is vital to their success.

In fact, timekeeping is very important to managing costs as well. Studies by the American Payroll Association support this fact. The studies found that incorrect time reporting resulting from both employee “time theft” and other abuses in addition to clerical errors can cost up to eight percent of a company’s payroll. Using manual
punch time clocks can lead to abuses and mistakes that cost money. These abuses include “buddy punching” (where one employee records time for another). Using a manual system also causes errors like incorrectly keyed or transposed numbers and misread records.

How can a company prevent loss of time and money through punch time clocks? Use of the MinuteHound Time Clock software system solves this problem. MinuteHound gets rid of the risk of employee “time theft” and payroll office errors. It uses the latest biometric and cloud-based technology to provide accurate, real-time time reporting for any business. It works regardless of how many employees it has or number of locations.

MinuteHound punch time clocks have two key features. The first is its fingerprint scanner. The second is its ability to generate real-time attendance and wage reports. From the employee’s perspective, the necessity to fill out a time card or manually punch a clock is eliminated. For managers, MinuteHound removes most of the work required with manual punch time clocks. MinuteHound gets rid of the need for time card collection, review and compilation. The manager can generate time reports in any format needed from anywhere with an Internet connection. This feature allows managers to focus on performance instead of time and attendance.

Punch Time Clocks: Plug and Play – No Training Required

Connect To Savings Using BiometricsIt’s easy to start using MinuteHound. Businesses will not need to upgrade computer systems, dedicate a computer or have technicians install the system. The only equipment MinuteHound punch time clocks need is a USB fingerprint scanner. Along with the monthly service fee, that is only cost required. MinuteHound punch time clocks are “plug and play”. No training of employees and managers is required before the system is implemented.

Businesses that use MinuteHound punch time clocks will see its immediately see its benefits. The system will allow managers to keep better track of their employees’ time. If you own a business or supervise employees, give MinuteHound a try. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save!

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