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The many hats of the time punching machine

Ever stop to consider how many departments in your company are involved in paying employees? It may seem like a simple process; employees show up to work, do their assigned tasks and then get paid. You may be surprised how an efficient payroll system benefits any organization. Let’s take a look at how a time punching machine from MinuteHound can affect the payroll process across departments.

The Human Resource Hat
The first step in making any business successful is to attract, hire and retain good, quality personnel. When a human resource manager negotiates with a qualified employee, he wants to make sure that potential employee is confident they will be paid properly. Imagine being able to brag about a state-of-the-art, patented, biometric fingerprint time punching machine. There is never any question about the time that employee puts into the company. Hand calculation errors are eliminated.

The Worker Hat
One of the biggest complaints from employees is that so-and-so comes in late ALL the time and that what’s-his-name takes long lunches. When employees are not called out for bad time keeping, attitude problems are common. With a time punching machine there is no question that an employee clocks in and out according to company policy. With fingerprint required punching, each employee is held accountable for getting to work on time and putting in their full share of a work day.

The Compliance Hat
Constant changing government regulations are a huge issue for the compliance department. Accurate time keeping records are not just a convenience but a requirement. Many lawsuits are filed every year by employees who feel they have been taken advantage of in regards to their pay. Abundant report manipulation options using the MinuteHound time punching machine gives compliance the tools they need to perform required government reporting and to answer any disputes.

The Security Hat
Let MinuteHound Guide You To Savings!Keeping computer data safe is the responsibility of every company. Data gets hacked from businesses. With the MinuteHound time punching machine, the employee simply places their finger on the scanner. Through a patented process, the fingerprint is fragmented into multiple secure servers around the world in an encrypted 128-bit number. The information is impossible to trace back to a single person. Loss of data from a crashed computer system is a nightmare. All information from the time punching machine is stored at a remote location so data loss is eliminated.

The Top Hat
The goal of every business is to make money. The largest cost in every industry is payroll. The time punching machine costs pennies a day, returns an average of 5% in payroll costs, includes round the clock support, unlimited warranty, and free system upgrades. Even the most hardened board member has to admit that utilizing a time punching machine makes good business sense.

We can see that a time punching machine affects almost every department in any organization in a positive way. Switch your hat as many times a day as you need to; MinuteHound will keep you covered.

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