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With Punch Time, The Workday is a Breeze!

Everyone who’s ever had a job knows that the workday is often stressful and long, at least sometimes. It’s a fact of life even at the best of jobs, let alone the worst. Sometimes “real life” can even interfere with an employee’s work schedule. As a result, focus and productivity can suffer, which ends up causing problems for everyone. For example, did you forget to clock in that day? Or perhaps you had an emergency? Guess who’s not getting paid? On the other hand, as a supervisor or manager, your employees count on you to treat them well, and that includes a steady paycheck for good work.

What happens when time cards get lost once too often? Or paychecks are issued with the incorrect amount? More than likely more lost time and money will be lost trying to fix that situation, and possibly even a lawsuit. Well, thanks to MinuteHound, both employers and employees can rest easy. Find out more about MinuteHound’s Punch Time tool below!

Punch Time is the future today. Punch Time is a biometric time-clock / work attendance monitor. Employers like it because it couldn’t be easier to use – log in from anywhere in the world, and your employee database is at your fingertips, displaying real-time, biometrically confirmed information about your employees’ work status. This includes all arrival and departure times, both scheduled and unscheduled.

MinuteHound provides always-on support if users have questions, and all data is cloud based and encrypted for both security from unauthorized entry and ease of access by true users. Oh, and by the way… Punch Time’s cost for the average-sized business? Pennies a day. On top of all that, Punch Time requires no physical or on-site inventory, cutting down on waste, hassle, and even promoting environmental health!

The Biometric Punch Time Clock System

Secure Employee Tracking SoftwareAs for employees, Punch Time is great for them, too! In addition to Punch Time being encrypted for their safety and keyed specifically to each user’s own individual bio-data, the device requires zero training and can be mastered in only a few shifts. It’s as easy as “Press here”. Punch Time has employee interests at heart just as much as it does those of his or her bosses. It eliminates purposeful or accidental time-theft and fraud. It can even send a text or email message to give bosses a heads-up if an employee does not show up, arrives late, or tries sneaking out early.

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MinuteHound Biometric Punch Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Punch Time System.

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