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“How I Finally Found Our Punching Card Machine”

The following story is about a MinuteHound client and how she found out about biometrics. MinuteHound’s speacility is biometric time and attendance. Employees simply clock-in and out using their finger or thumb on the punching card machine. The beauty is there is no cards, paper, or badges! Just a fingerprint is all it needs! More than likely many managers out there are just like Patti, and below is her story.

Walt, the warehouse manager, has his head poked around my door frame. “Hi Patty, got a minute?”

“Only a minute, Walt”, I grin from my desk covered with time cards, “it’s payroll day.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Frank, my forklift driver, was late for work again this morning. Frank is a great worker and I don’t want to falsely accuse him of making this a habit. Can you look over the last four months and let me know how often he clocked in late.” Walt pauses for breath. This must really be important to him.

I smile on the outside and cringe on the inside. Looking back through almost 100 time cards for four months? “Sure thing, Walt, I will look into it tomorrow. Getting payroll out is my only priority today.”

For the thousandth time I wish that we had a punching card machine.

I look at the pile of time cards on my desk, take a deep breath, and get to calculating hours worked by our dedicated staff. The first card I pick up has a missing punch for clocking in last Wednesday. It is going to be a long day.

The next morning, I boot up the computer intent on doing some research on a punching card machine. My day will be spent working on Walt’s problem but I need to see if there is some better payroll tracking system out there. I find such a punching card machine almost instantly but I am still wary if it will do the job we need done.

I confirm for Walt that Frank has clocked in late an average of twice a week for the last four months. Then I head straight to the executive offices.

“Hi, Ed, got a minute?” I launch into my plea for a punching card machine that I found in my research.

“This is an inexpensive solution to many of our time card issues. The punching card machine plugs into any computer system, no training. Each employee places their finger on the punching card machine and is clocked in/out. Simple. We can track tardiness before it becomes a habit, red flag overtime, and cut down on payroll errors. Efficient. It costs pennies a day, has round the clock support, an unlimited warranty, is risk free with free system upgrades. Cost effective. The information is stored remotely so if our computer fails the data is safe. The fingerprints are encrypted. Secure.”

I guess I hit all the right keys. Simple. Efficient. Cost effective. Secure. The punching card machine was approved.

I sit at my desk on payroll day easily manipulating the time card data from the punching card machine for processing. I smile on the outside and on the inside.

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