Revolutionize Your Payroll With a MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock

The Cost-Saving Effects of MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Time Clock

If you asked a business owner if he or she would like to save time and money in processing payroll, you would hear a resounding, “Yes.” If you further inquired if he/she would like to be better able to manage their staff, you would hear that “yes” once again. Few realize, however, how effectively a fingerprint time clock system can make all of these benefits an everyday reality.

According to the American Payroll Association (APA), businesses pay an average of five percent extra on their payrolls every year. This loss is caused by such things as “buddy punching,” unapproved overtime, time-clock malfunctioning, and time-clock manipulation. These losses are made virtually impossible when a fingerprint time clock is used. After all, no one will be able to use his buddy’s fingerprints for buddy punching. Furthermore, you have real-time monitoring of who’s clocked in, and the system is tamper proof. In fact, the APA estimates that MinuteHound reduces the average payroll cost by two to eight percent.

A Fingerprint Time Clock Will Save Valuable Time

Imagine yourself trapped in the office, bent over a keyboard, struggling for hours on end to finish payroll in time. Likely, that scenario is closer to an actual memory than to mere imagination. A fingerprint time clock can end all of the pressure and stress associated with processing payroll. MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock instantaneously transmits data for viewing onling via cloud-based technology. It connects to your computers and allows instant, real-time access from anywhere on the planet. These time clocks can be quickly installed and take no special training to use.

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MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Time Clock Helps You Manage

Bob the boss was too busy to keep track of who was or was not at work on time. He really didn’t have time to chase people down with phone calls and texts either. In fact, he never really was sure if his business was under or over staffed at any particular moment. He knew this problem was costing him money, but he wasn’t sure what to do about it.

If our imaginary boss were to install a MinuteHound fingerprint time clock, his dilemma would vanish. An automatic text or email could be sent to managers and employees in the event of tardiness. Managers can check the real-time status of any employee, in any branch, from their smartphone or any web browser. Since all of this information is available in real time, corrective actions can be taken immediately.


Fingerprint time clocks bring a welcome revolution to your payroll processing and management world. By saving you time and money and putting you more firmly in command, MinuteHound brings unprecedented convenience to the payroll task.

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