Simple Attendance Software- Advantages of New Technology for Work

Biometric Simple Attendance Software

What are the Advantages of Biometric Simple Attendance Software?
The best form of simple attendance software is biometric attendance software. There are numerous reasons why biometric simple attendance software is considered to be the highest quality software on the market.

Reduces Time Theft:
Biometric simple attendance software will be able to greatly reduce the amount of time companies pay employees for that is not actually worked. This is very important because, when time that is not worked is paid, a company will lose a great deal of money. The way that biometric simple attendance software reduces time theft is by using a method of clocking in and out that cannot be shared. Because biometric attendance systems use fingerprints, which cannot be given to another employee, there is no buddy punching. Time cards and employee numbers are able to be shared rather easily, but fingerprints stay with the employee all the time.

No Learning Curve
Simple biometric attendance software reduces the learning curve almost to zero, allowing the software to be utilized as soon as possible. It also reduces the amount of frustration that a new attendance system ordinarily provokes. The only thing that needs to be done with most simple attendance systems is to plug it in. All of the employees will be identified with their fingerprints ahead of time and all of the information will automatically be stored regarding times.

Stop Time Theft With BiometricsAnother advantage that is able to be gained by using MinuteHound’s simple attendance software is frequent updates regarding whether or not everyone showed up for their correct shifts. If an employee clocks in or out late, or does not clock in at all, the manager will receive an email or text notification informing him or her that there is one or more employees missing from the shift. The manager will then be able to respond accordingly and ensure that all aspects of work for that shift are covered by calling in additional employees or shifting the employees already present to other positions.

Biometric simple attendance software is much cheaper than traditional attendance systems for a number of reasons. The first reason is that there is not physical waste that needs to constantly be purchased. Time cards need to be resupplied all the time in order to ensure that there are enough individual cards for each employee. This can get expensive. The second reason is that the pricing system for the biometric simple attendance software is very reasonable, with less than a dollar a month needing to be spent on each employee once the system has been set up. The third reason is that, because of the amount of money that is saved because of time theft reduction, the system will practically pay for itself.

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