Biometric Timekeeping Systems- Employee Time Attendance Reporting

The Importance of Having the Right Timekeeping Systems

The timekeeping system is one of the most important components of any business. It records employee activity and payroll hours. It tells the owner how much money he or she has to pay in payroll. It gives the owner an indication of the effectiveness of his or her scheduling efforts. If a business owner uses outdated timekeeping systems, then he or she is essentially receiving outdated information about the company and the staff members. More importantly, that business owner is not receiving something that he or she should be receiving: five additional percent in payroll funds. Are you missing your 5 percent?

The Down Side to Old Timekeeping Systems
A wide assortment of timekeeping systems exists, but most of them are outdated. Each of those outdated timekeeping systems can cause different problems with your payroll money. The old punch card timekeeping systems are confusing and illegible in many cases. The badge timekeeping systems are poor because employees lose their badges frequently. They also like to buddy punch by lending their badges to other employees. The username and password timekeeping systems are a little better than the other two methods, but they still have their holes. If two employees want to cheat the system, they can just share their usernames and passwords.

The Foolproof Timekeeping Systems
MinuteHound offers a virtually error proof system: the fingerprint scanner. This device uses a biometric scanner that reads the employees’ detailed fingerprint. Since no two prints are alike, only one employee can clock in and out for himself or herself. Buddy punching is impossible; accuracy is at 100 percent; payroll funds stay in the right hands. Business owners who have switched to the new timekeeping systems have reported reduced payroll costs between 2 and 8 percent. Even 2 percent of your payroll costs equates to thousands of dollars.

No Catch and No Obligation
Fingerprint Punch Clocks Vs. Badge CardsYou are probably wondering if there is a catch to this amazing system. It comes without strings and stipulations. You can try the system today by making a one-time scanner purchase that is less than $100. Your monthly fee for the service can be as low as $24.95. The pricing plan depends on the number of the employees you have and the amount of locations. You are not obligated to switch to the modern system, but you will want to after you count the savings you receive.

The MinuteHound system is the gift that keeps on giving. You will receive more savings by paying the payroll department less over time because they have lighter workloads. The MinuteHound system generates payroll reports so your employees do not have to do such. The biggest job the payroll department will have is pressing the print button to print the reports. Try this amazing system now and see how profitable your business can really be.

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