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Staff Attendance Software- Employee Time Tracking for Business

Staff attendance software helps business owners and managers track employee time and attendance, go green, keep costs low, and have a highly efficient way to manage a workforce. Time cards and time sheets are outdated. Pins and passwords can be shared among friends at work. Staff attendance software on the other hand is foolproof and provides flawless attendance records. By using a biometric time clock, attendance is guaranteed to be accurate. All cheating is over, buddy punching is eliminated, and human error corrected. The biometric time clock and staff attendance software are the winning combination for every business, regardless of size.

Staff attendance software is an easy download from any web browser. After setting up an account with MinuteHound, the biometric time clock is mailed to you. Once received, plug it in and download the staff attendance software. In about 10 minutes of step-by-step instructions, MinuteHound is ready to go. It takes about 1 minute to register an employee, and after that all employees have to do is swipe their finger or thumb to clock-in and out of work. It’s that easy to start saving money and reducing payroll expenses!

Staff Attendance Software- 24/7 Cloud Access

One of the best features from MinuteHound is accessibility and security. Not only by using a biometric time clock eliminate fraud, but using cloud based staff attendance software allows for anytime access. Administrators can log-in and check real time status, departments, employee information, and reporting. Even employees can log-in and view their own personal digital time card. Staff attendance software is green. Green technology is great for you will save money, and help out Mother Earth! It’s a win-win!

Safe and Secure Cloud Technology With Staff Attendance SoftwareAnother great benefit of cloud computing is limiting risk. Staff attendance software never records a print. Fingerprints are broken down into numbers. This way all information stays private and safe. Information is never at risk with MinuteHound. Also, all data transfers use 128-bit encryption. Staff attendance software ensures privacy and security, but at the same time convenience. Take your office with you wherever you go, and never compromise for anything less!

Staff Attendance Software is Affordable and Reliable

Don’t overspend or pay too much money on outdated technology. The pricing for MinuteHound is simple, and will never expire. Lifetime updates are included with staff attendance software. For the low monthly fee of $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, the price meets all budget requirements. Never pay for more than you need. The biometric time clock that employees use to clock-in and out with is a flat fee of $99.95. It’s robust and proven to work, as it’s covered forever with a lifetime money back guarantee.

Work smarter not harder with staff attendance software. Easily install it on any computer and upgrade management. If anyone ever needs help, technical support is always on call to lend a hand! Don’t worry, MinuteHound is on the clock!

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