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Employee Time Card Calculator- Add Up The Savings

Whether a business has 2 employees or 2,000, having an accurate method to track employee time is a staple for every company. Whether it’s pen and paper or pins and passwords, all workers sign-in and out of work. MinuteHound is a full and foolproof time and attendance solution for business. By using a biometric time clock featuring cloud based software, every manager has the tools and resources available to perform at a higher level. The employee time card calculator is one of many features included with MinuteHound.

Using an employee time card calculator is easy, and as a client for MinuteHound all time and attendance reports are available 24/7 from a personal web portal. The many benefits of MinuteHound include anytime access to reporting. The way MinuteHound works is employees arrive and leave the workplace by swiping their finger or thumb on a biometric scanner. As soon as the finger or thumb is pressed down, employee verification is complete and the time is recorded.

The Employee Time Card Calculator- Go Green and Save

After setting up an account with MinuteHound, the biometric scanner is mailed out. Typically in 2-3 days it arrives at the place of business. Installation is a breeze, as the time clock software can be downloaded from any web browser. In under 10 minutes, setup will be done. Registering employees takes a minute, and then you’re done! Simple, easy, and very effective. Over 150,000 users from every industry clock-in and out using MinuteHound time and attendance.

Enter A Business Partnership With MinuteHound Today!The employee time card calculator doesn’t actually process payroll or give wages, however, the time clock calculator will identify losses and provide savings estimates. Each employee has an individual digital time card, and any regular system can be used as the employee time card calculator to know each individuals payroll amount will be. The digital time card is also green and paperless. In addition, all reports can be downloaded into Excel, PDF, or ASCII. Therefore, with a few simple formulas in Excel, you can create a personal employee time card calculator.

The Pricing of the Employee Time Card Calculator

MinuteHound is very affordable and fits all budgets. The biometric fingerprint scanner itself is only $99.95. This is a one time fee, as each scanner is backed for life. To enjoy cloud access, text/email alerts, the employee time card calculator, and other features MinuteHound charges $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. There is no contracts or long term obligations. No training or learning curves. In addition, technical support is always available to help out and lend assistance. Upgrade today risk free and find out for yourself!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Employee Time Card Calculator: Don’t Delay. Start Saving Today!

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