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Increasing Company Savings With Cloud Technology

How do business owners increase their employees’ productivity levels while decreasing overhead costs? Some think skimping on necessities is the way to go, but this simply isn’t true. For example, by using attendance management strategies of years ago, businesses lose a lot of money. Although it may not be obvious, companies lose thousands of dollars each year simply from errors made on time cards.

Out With The Old And In With the New
MinuteHound has revolutionized the way companies are keeping track their employees. With a biometric fingerprint scanner, employees are set free from punching a traditional time clock. With a touch of their finger, their identity is immediately scanned into a secure system from any computer within the office. A MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint scanner eliminates the need for standard ID badges and paper attendance sheets. Completely green and paperless, not only does a biometric fingerprint scanner improve efficiency in the workplace, but it’s also environmentally friendly. MinuteHound enables companies to capture the precise moment an employee punches in as opposed to sorting through paper time cards, verifying information and then having to correct any errors found.

A MinuteHound biometric fingerprint scanner is easy to use. In addition, there are no lengthy training sessions or installation fees. MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint scanner easily connects to any computer, completely eliminating the need for costly IT services. Even though there are other types of biometric systems on the market, MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint scanner is one of a kind. It’s intricate system of converting fingerprint into numerical codes totally eliminates the risk of identity theft. With 128-bit encrypted cloud storage, employees never need to worry about their private information being exposed to the general public.

Lightening the Workload

Connect To Savings Using BiometricsUnless a business consists of only a few employees, payroll is a time-consuming process that requires meticulous attention. With a MinuteHound biometric fingerprint scanner, payroll is completed and disbursed on time, every time. Delays in the distribution of paychecks simply don’t exist when using a biometric fingerprint scanner by MinuteHound.

Friends may be friends, but business is business. More times than not, co-workers will clock in or out for another employee. And although it may seem harmless, it’s time theft. MinuteHound guarantees that invalid punches will cease once you install a biometric fingerprint scanner. Since it’s impossible to punch in without your unique fingerprint, payroll fraud will become a distant memory. Even better is that employers can verify that employees are working their designated shifts from any computer, tablet or mobile device that has an internet connection. During the course of a busy workday, who has time to chase after employees? Let MinuteHound be your extra set of hands. Call today and see what MinuteHound can do.

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