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The Dental Time Clock For The Medical...

The Dental Time Clock For The Medical and Orthodontic Profession

How the Dental Time Clock Works In every business, employees need to report for work. Not only report but also record their time while at work. A Dentist office is no different than a fortune 500 company from the standpoint of paying staff for time worked. MinuteHound’s dental time clock works in any office environment. […]

Perfect Fingerprint Attendance For Do...

Perfect Fingerprint Attendance For Doctor and Dentist Offices

Biometrics: Your Future Awaits As your business begins to grow and develop, accuracy in attendance records will become more and more important. Hiring the right candidate really doesn’t do any good if they never show up for work. Traditional methods such as punching a stationary time clock and paper time sheets are almost obsolete as […]

Time And Attendance Service | Dentist...

Time Clock Service For Doctor's, Lawyers, or Dentists

Time And Attendance Service Vs. Traditional Time Clock MinuteHound’s time and attendance service is the new way doctor’s, lawyer’s, and dentist’s manage their business. The traditional time clock has expired long ago. With modern technology replacing these old machines comes the new time and attendance service, featuring many benefits for owners and managers. With a […]