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Time And Attendance Service Vs. Traditional Time Clock

MinuteHound’s time and attendance service is the new way doctor’s, lawyer’s, and dentist’s manage their business. The traditional time clock has expired long ago. With modern technology replacing these old machines comes the new time and attendance service, featuring many benefits for owners and managers. With a time and attendance service, you pay a very low monthly rate instead of having to buy a big, outdated, bulky machine. MinuteHound is the leader in offering a true, unique, state of the art biometric time and attendance service like no other. Over 150,000 users clock-in and out of work everyday using MinuteHound. So if you are a small business owner, doctor, lawyer, or dentist then MinuteHound is the spark you need to upgrade and change the way you manage your staff!

How do you currently have your staff record their time? Pen and paper? Pin and password? Punch clocks, time cards, badges? If your not using biometrics in your office, then your losing money. This is a fact, because the average employee steals 54 minutes everyday from their employer. Lunch breaks take longer than 30 minutes, friends cover for one another, and employees make mistakes. MinuteHound was created for business owners by business owners. By using a biometric time and attendance service over the traditional time clock, you will save more money, have a more efficient operation, and stop bad habits cold. No more arriving late, leaving early, or fudging numbers. The time and attendance service cures all!

Time And Attendance Service Upgrades Any Office And Organization

The price, ease of use, 24/7 access, privacy, text and e-mail alerts, and many more features make MinuteHound’s time and attendance service the optimal choice for any office environment. If your a doctor, lawyer, dentist, or any small business owner or manager then you will see for yourself how easy and cost effective this system is. After you setup an account, a biometric scanner is mailed to you. This time clock, the scanner, is how your employees will clock-in and out of work. They swipe their finger on the scanner, and off to work they go!

Time Clock Service For Any Office SettingThe time and attendance service is the full package. The scanner itself is $99.95. Now, keep in mind you only pay this once. The time and attendance service is broken down into a monthly subscription rate. This is why it is so different than simply buying a machine. Don’t fall for some expensive machine that you pay all the money upfront, just to have it not work a month later.

The time and attendance service kicks in from day one, therefore when you pay the $99.95 for the scanner, if you ever need a new one you get one! You never have to pay for it again, and MinuteHound is so confident you will love the time and attendance service package, that if you did ever decide to cancel or return the scanner, you will get the $99.95 back! That is not a trial offer either, that is for life!

Time And Attendance Service Pricing And Support

The time and attendance service will cost you $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. That is it! So you buy the scanner for $99.95, and then you pay for the size of your staff. So if you have 20 employees and 1 location, your paying $24.95 a month! You only pay for what you need, and you can always adjust. The time and attendance service is based per month, with no long term commitments required. Don’t pay a bunch of money for an out of date machine. Run your business more more efficiently by using a time and attendance service with live technical support and lifetime updates. There is no hidden fees or additional costs.

Time Clock Service For Doctor's, Lawyers, or DentistsWith your monthly subscription, you and your staff receive 24/7 access to view reports. Managers can edit information and export payroll. Within a few clicks, your reports are done! Biometrics stops time theft and holds employees accountable. No more cheating of any kind with biometrics. The time and attendance service will email and text you if your employees arrive late or leave early. You won’t over or underpay employees as reports are always accurate.

The time and attendance service is the perfect system for any office setting. A doctor’s, lawyers, or dentist office is the ideal environment to use this system. Any office setting or environment will do. It is a fraction of the cost of most other systems, and completely beats out any product you can buy off the shelf. Your smart, so make the smart and easy decision and manage your business with the new time and attendance service from MinuteHound today!

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