The Dental Time Clock For The Medical and Orthodontic Profession

How the Dental Time Clock Works

In every business, employees need to report for work. Not only report but also record their time while at work. A Dentist office is no different than a fortune 500 company from the standpoint of paying staff for time worked. MinuteHound’s dental time clock works in any office environment. Dentist’s prefer MinuteHound to take care of their time and attendance for it runs by itself, does not need much configuring, and it offers clean reporting whenever they need to run payroll. The Dental time clock can easily plug into any PC in the office and takes mere minutes to install and setup. Then office personnel simply press their finger down to record their time.

The Dental time clock can sit on the desk or in the break room so employees can quickly and easily record their time. All this time is then transferred to the MinuteHound cloud where an admin can login and view the reports, modify them and also download and send off for processing. You can even import into any accounting or payroll software you use as well. The dental time clock is easily configured to give you the data and in the format of your choice.

What Else Can the Dental Time Clock Do?

The Dental time clock itself is a small device. It just gets plugs into the PC so employees can press down on it to record their time. MinuteHound however has a host of powerful and helpful features. For instance when you login, you can make any type of manual adjustment you need too right on the spot. So whether it is a holiday, sick day, or a call-off you can do it right from your browser. You can also make group adjustments if you have a large staff you want to give a blanket paid day too as well. In addition, you can add reasons to any day of the report and re-arrange columns to display exactly the way you want.

Aside from reports, MinuteHound offers a text and email alert system as well. So if someone never shows up to work or tries to leave early, MinuteHound can alert you. The Dental time clock keeps employees honest while the boss tends to his patients. No more honor systems. Employees have to be present to record their time or they cannot do so.

How The Dental Time Clock is Different

MinuteHound’s dental time clock will be the best investment you can make this year. The reason being is that MinuteHound will actually save you money, give you more control of your staff, and stop every form of time theft in the office. From day 1, you will notice a major difference with the workforce. Give MinuteHound a try today and see for yourself the impact this technology will have on your operations.

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