Perfect Fingerprint Attendance For Doctor and Dentist Offices

Biometrics: Your Future Awaits

As your business begins to grow and develop, accuracy in attendance records will become more and more important. Hiring the right candidate really doesn’t do any good if they never show up for work. Traditional methods such as punching a stationary time clock and paper time sheets are almost obsolete as more employers are choosing alternatives attendance tracking methods. For instance, a fingerprint attendance system makes the process of recording time and attendance more efficient than ever before. But if you want to run a tight ship without being overtly harsh, what’s the best way to go about it?

Even in the most laid back types of businesses, being 100 percent clear in regards to your attendance policy is important. You also need to be ready to follow through if employees don’t really get the message. New hires should receive a briefing on all attendance polices as part of the hiring process. If you aren’t using a fingerprint attendance system, new employees should be shown where the time clock is, and given a rundown in reference to its use. More specifically, you should discuss the disciplinary actions that will occur in the event of buddy punching and time theft. With the installation of MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance software, employees never have to worry about making erroneous punches. MinuteHound’s innovative technology captures every swipe of your employee’s fingers with real-time reporting.

Fingerprint Attendance System is Perfection

With the addition of new employees, there are sure to be disputes regarding the accuracy of punching in and out. With MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance system, all of the confusion can be avoided. Employees will benefit by knowing their hours are being recorded exactly when they touch the scanner. This puts an end to unhappy employees and even more unhappy employers!

Biometric Cloud Based SoftwareWith a biometric fingerprint scanner, not only do you save money, but you are also able to reduce your carbon footprint. By reducing the amount of paperwork within your office, you are also helping to preserve the environment. In addition, employers are able to track their employees and monitor their behavior. This will reduce overtime costs and lost productivity due to employees who didn’t come in on time.

There are many benefits in using a fingerprint attendance system. In general, there are three areas of concern that are completely eliminated to include:
Time Theft: Avoid leaving early, late arrivals and buddy punching. In addition, time theft that occurs from breaches in management disappear.
Reduction in payroll and administrative errors: By eliminating the need for manual calculations, human errors are dramatically reduced. All data is stored online remotely.
Compliance made easy: Previous challenges of managing employee records and issuing overtime is simplified.

Occasionally, some employees may not have a true understanding of how a biometric fingerprint attendance system functions. They may even have concerns about their private information being exposed online. Thankfully, it’s easy to put their fears to rest by explaining how MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance scanner works. After their fingerprint is captured, it’s then broken down into a numerical code. This information is then stored within 128-bit encryption securely on the cloud. MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance software takes the guesswork out of timekeeping.

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