The Advantages of Fingerprint Time and Attendance Technology

Fingerprint Time and Attendance Technology & Time Theft

As a business owner, time theft is always an important and costly issue. Especially with new federal regulations limiting the number of salaried employees companies can hire. Now, even small businesses stand to lose thousands of dollars in both wages and degradation caused by employee absence. Time theft comes in many forms, from buddy-clocking or punching, to simply leaving early without clocking out. Worst of all, it’s extremely difficult to detect time theft by looking at the payroll alone. Widespread theft can simply look like a general downturn in the business. While it’s possible to purchase time clocks for each individual employee, these are prohibitively expensive and fallible.

A Better Solution Your Business

Fortunately, there is a better solution. Minutehound
fingerprint time and attendance technology lets business owners completely eliminate all forms of time theft without spending a fortune in the process. Because Minutehound uses a biometric fingerprint time and attendance system, it’s impossible for employees to clock one another in and out (“buddy-punching”). Meanwhile, the system sends you or your designated manager alerts via email or text whenever an employee clocks out prematurely. This will allow you to keep up to date on all happenings in your workplace.

MinuteHound vs other Fingerprint Time and Attendance Technology

Highly priced time clocks with and without a fingerprint time and attendance component pale to Minutehound. Especially when it comes to security, efficiency and simplicity. Passwords can be shared, stolen, or simply faked through computer programs. Fingerprints, on the other hand, are a guaranteed means of identification. Furthermore, Minutehound’s suite of amenities includes software to track employees on the job. This means that even forgetful employees who commit time theft by mistake can be identified easily. In order to insure the security of your payroll, all of Minutehound’s fingerprint time and attendance information is secured using 128-bit encryption.
Minutehound uses one centralized scanner per location to track via fingerprint time and attendance. This means that it’s much cheaper both to purchase and operate than a traditional, multi-clock system without sacrificing accuracy or integrity. Better yet, because the Minutehound fingerprint time and attendance system is utilizing a subscription model (SAS), there’s no risk to the employer. If you don’t like Minutehound, simply send it back and your subscription will be immediately canceled.

MinuteHound USB Fingerprint Scanner

The Future of Your Business

Minutehound fingerprint time and attendance software is easy to install, and can be configured with your employee’s fingerprints in mere minutes without needing a specialized technician. Should you run into trouble, our knowledgeable and friendly experts are always eager to help. Think about it this way: because MinuteHound income is based on the subscription model (SAS), Minutehound strives to provide the best fingerprint time and attendance services to the customer.
Time theft is a drain on you, your business, and the overall economy. Save money and create a better working environment. Start using the Minutehound fingerprint time and attendance system today.

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