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For business owners and managers, time is money. If employees are misusing their time–or misrepresenting the times they are actually working–companies lose money. Traditionally, businesses have relied on punch cards or computer programs to log when their employees are on the job. While these time management options are popular, they rely too heavily on the honor system and are often abused by employees. MinuteHound’s unique biometric fingerprint time clock system keeps an accurate count of which employees are on the job and eliminates the need for traditional time clocks.

What is time theft?
Time theft is when an employee misrepresents or lies about the time that he or she is working. Time theft, also called “buddy punching,” “time clock manipulation,” or “unapproved overtime,” occurs when one employee punches into the time clocking system for another employee. For example, if Steven wants to leave early one day because he’s going on vacation, he might have his friend and co-worker Katie clock out for him on the time clock. He’s not physically there when Katie clocks out, but he will still be paid for that time. Traditional computer clocking systems cannot tell if the employee clocking in or out is the employee being paid.

How can a fingerprint time clock system help?
A fingerprint time clock system eliminates the practice of buddy punching as the employee must physically scan his or her finger to clock in and out of work. With a fingerprint time clock system like MinuteHound, Steven would only be paid for the time he was working. He also could not take his unapproved leave because the management would be alerted when he clocked out early. According to the American Payroll Association, the installation of a fingerprint time clock system can reduce payroll costs by up to eight percent!

How does MinuteHound work?
Fingerprint Time Attendance Software, time to move!MinuteHound is quick to install and can be used with nearly any computer. Employees are loaded into the fingerprint time clock system; this process only takes about sixty seconds. After an employee is loaded into MinuteHound, he or she simply must swipe his or her chosen finger on the pad to be clocked in or out of work. The fingerprint time clock system can be used by any company of any size, and there are no limits to the number of employees that can use the system. Employers can see who is signed in in real time and can even send text messages to late employees through the system.

Why MinuteHound?
MinuteHound is the only online biometric fingerprint time clock system on the market today. The system uses patented cloud technology so that managers can view employee time sheets from anywhere and at any time. MinuteHound wants its customers to be completely satisfied, so they offer a money back guarantee and free return shipping if a company decides to return their system.

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