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So how much do you really trust your employees? The answer is something that may change from day to day, but you can bet that it starts to get a little fuzzy around payday! You may start to wonder if he was really here as long as he says he was or if she came in on time. Doubts and discrepancies are all reasons that you need to look into the best time clock around, as provided by MinuteHound! MinuteHound isn’t shy about calling their product the best time clock period, so consider what this might mean.

The Best Time Clock Goes Beyond Paper
So many otherwise great businesses have stubbornly stuck with paper and punch cards for their time sheets. Suddenly, employees of all types are allowed to report how often they worked, when they came in, and how timely they were. This is a system that is very prone to employee error and deception, and that is where the best time clock comes to the rescue. Instead of having a paper system that can be easily manipulated, MinuteHound’s best time clock solution uses both a biometric solution and a cloud-based solution to help out.

The Best Time Clock Masters Biometrics
Internet Based Time TrackingA biometric system is one that is keyed into the body, and in the case of MinuteHound’s best time clock, the part of the body in question is going to be the fingerprint. Each employee uses their unique fingerprint to log onto their machine. MinuteHound provides you with a fingerprint scanner that tells you when the employee is working… and when they are not! This is something that encourages them to be on time, and it also prevents friends from checking each other in!

The Best Time Clock Uses the Cloud
Cloud storage adds another layer of security to your payroll records. Instead of being kept on site, your timesheet records from this system are sent straight to a secure cloud storage location. Instead of being able to change the records, your employees cannot even access them. Be aware of what your employees are doing and use this best time clock system to get a clear idea of what you are spending money on. This system even sends a message to the designated manager in charge when an employee does not log into the system when they should!

To make sure that you are getting the most you can out of your employees, consider the best time system produced MinuteHound. This can change the way you do business!

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