The Biometric Time Clock for 2017!

Why Every Business Should Invest in Biometric Technology

It is the year 2017, where has all the time gone! This year make it the best ever by investing in the most modern and useful technology: biometrics. Each and every business owners owes it to themselves to see what this technology can do for your staff and HR. A biometric time clock can track and monitor all staff in all locations. An employee steps up, places their finger or thumb down on the biometric time clock which verifies them and records their time. That simple process immediately eliminates all forms of time theft and fraud.

There is no way for an employee to cover for friends or fudge hours. The biometric time clock works in any and all environments in all industries. This process is like having a manager onsite 24/7 keeping a watchful eye over staff. No more arriving late or leaving early as the biometric clock will alert any supervisor you designate. Someone does not show up to work? The biometric time clock will let you know.

How the Biometric Clock Works

The biometric time clock is very powerful and also very easy to use. Plug the device into any USB slot on any PC or laptop and that’s the hardest part! After that you download the software and enter in your employee’s names. That simple. MinuteHound also provides free lifetime updates for the software so you never have to worry about any feature being out of date.

The biometric time clock will let employees know they have successfully clocked in or out with a flashing green light on the scanner, and also visual confirmation on the application itself. Everything is cloud based. So as soon as an employee records time, you can then log in from anywhere to view it. So from home, work or even on vacation a business owner can have full control of payroll and attendance reports.

The Biometric Time Clock is Risk Free!

Not only do you get the advantage of all the biometric time clock, but you get it with absolutely no obligations! You can cancel at anytime, as you are not locked into anything. Use it and love it or simply send the biometric time clock back. The device will be fully refunded. Call MinuteHound today and see for yourself why 2017 will be the best year yet for savings!

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