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How Do You Use A Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

A biometric fingerprint time clock is essentially a small electronic device that uses a sensor to capture fingerprints. After the fingerprint has been initially captured, it will be digitally processed to enhance the quality of the image and will then be broken down into a binary algorithim. MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint time clock never stores or saves images!

Having a biometric fingerprint time clock in the workplace can make life considerably easier for the employer. Using codes or punch in cards allows employees to punch each other in or out, which can result in fraudulent activity and the employer ending up paying employees for hours they never even worked. A biometric fingerprint time clock obviously requires the employee’s unique fingerprint, making it virtually impossible for workers to clock each other in and out.

Why The Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock is So Important for Business

There are numerous types of biometric time clocks, designed for every work environment. Options of recognition available include iris scanning, voice recognition and fingerprint recognition. High versatility. A biometric fingerprint time clock can be designed as a stand alone or can be connected to a computer to make the clock-in process even simpler. Both employees and employers love the system, as it works out best for everyone. Employees get paid accurately without worry about their handwriting not being understood correctly. Employers love the biometric fingerprint time clock as it saves them so much money.

To wrap up: if you are interested in cutting down overhead costs, reducing the amount of employee fraud going on in your workplace and having a fool-proof method for employees to sign in and out of work, you should seriously consider obtaining a biometric fingerprint time clock.

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