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How Time Clock Software Saves a Business Money

Business owners know the importance of making their money last. The savviest of business owners track all sorts of reports concerning their business. One of the ways that a business can track expenses is monitor how employees clock into work. It would seem as if it would be tough to manipulate a clock-in system. There isn’t much time clock software can’t do to outsmart buddy punching.

Buddy punching is what occurs when one employee “buddy” punches in and out for another employee. Workers may think that buddy punching is harmless. However, every business owner knows that small costs done repeatedly can certainly add up. In addition, costs for overtime that stem from buddy punching means more money lost for a business. It would seem that there isn’t much a business can do to prevent losses associated with buddy punching. However, there is a time clock software available that is foolproof against buddy punching.

Time Clock Software That Saves and Protects

MinuteHound has created innovative time clock software that uses biometric fingerprint technology. Scanning an employee’s fingerprints mean that your business doesn’t get fooled by buddy punching. It is common for a business owner to fear buddy punching will occur while they are away. Having fingerprint scanning technology in your corner ensures that no more false punches occur. Unfortunately, time clock software that uses card type technology has become easy to fool.

MinuteHound offers a cloud-based web option in addition to time clock software. One great feature of the web-based option is how many devices it can be used with. Employees can clock in and out on devices including a PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones, to name a select few. The web-based time clock software can also track times and IP addresses. Knowing these vital statistics ensures you always know your employees are actually in the office.

A burden of most new time clock software is having to install entirely new systems. In addition, removing the time clock software that everyone had grown used to can be a pain. MinuteHound involves easy to install software that is a breeze to setup. Best of all, you don’t have to get rid of your existing business software. MinuteHound is designed to run alongside other pre-existing software systems.

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