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Does A Time Clock Make A Difference in The Workplace?

Yes it does! Having a functional time clock can save a company thousands of dollars every year, and for large companies, millions of dollars. Paper time sheets or any type of time and attendance system that only tracks time based on an employee’s honestly no longer does the job. Employees cheat and will always make sure their paychecks are padded. Employers have the job of not only running the business but also keeping accurate payroll records. Employees are typically the single biggest expense a small business owner has. Having an affordable and accurate time clock will ensure employees only get paid for the item they actually worked, not the time they claimed they worked.

Employees have friends at work and they cover for each other, happens everywhere all the time. Buddy punching is a real problem for most companies so having a time clock that does not allow for this behavior is paramount. MinuteHound’s biometric time clock is easy to use and easy to install. It is a very small device which plugs into any PC. Employees walk up, place their finger down, and get to work! MinuteHound first verifies the employee and then records their time. This process eliminates time theft and buddy punching from your business. No other system is as foolproof and accurate as biometrics.

Is A Biometric Time Clock Hard to Use?

Technology is great as long as you know how to use it right! MinuteHound’s time clock is not only advanced but it is simple. It is really just a device that plugs into your PC and does all the work in the background. From a management perspective, all the tools you need are online. So as long as you can sign into your account, you will be a pro! MinuteHound is cloud based which means as soon as someone punches in, you will see these times in your reports. You can edit and modify reports from anywhere at anytime. Download and submit to payroll for a quick, accurate way of paying your staff. All time reports are kept on file for over 7 years so have no fear of record keeping. MinuteHound will save all data for you so you can keep your office clutter free!

With so many time clocks on the market, make sure you choose one that is not based on the employee keeping track of their own time. Get a time clock that stops time theft and prevents fraud. Money is not easy to come by, and owning a business is expensive. Put the money back into your business or into your pockets instead of paying employees for time they didn’t actually work. Give MinuteHound a try today in order to start saving instantly!

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