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MinuteHound – The Employee of Your Dreams!

Most businesses would never admit to putting an employee who does the bare minimum into management. Sadly, your business, like many others may have a mediocre employee running one of the most important jobs in the business. That mediocre employee is your time attendance software. Your time attendance software has an important job to do! Just imagine what would happen to your business if you didn’t have someone or something keeping track of your employees’ time and attendance. You could never run an efficient business. How would you know if your employees were getting paid what they deserve? Surely whomever does your payroll would be left in tears as they try to figure out your business’ mess.

There’s no doubt that your time attendance software does your business some good. Anyone keeping track of your employees is better than no one doing it. However, if your time attendance software is only clocking employees in and out then it’s way behind the curve. Any time attendance software can do that! The original time clocks built in the 1800’s did that! Why have a mediocre employee managing your business’ time and attendance?

Mediocre? Not MinuteHound!

MinuteHound is like that go-getter employee who is the first to arrive and the last to leave. MinuteHound is simple to install. All you need to do is plug in the USB fingerprint scanner and MinuteHound is ready to go. Employees will be able to clock in and out with a swipe of their finger.

No Training Required!There is no need to hold a training meeting! You won’t need to be a technical genius to read the reports either. All of the information you could possibly want regarding your employee’s time and attendance is available to you online from anywhere! The interface is user friendly and makes reports very easy to read. Payroll will love the reports. Time attendance software is very easy to use, but 100% safe with information never being at risk.

MinuteHound goes above and beyond the call of duty. No more babysitting employees to make sure they are not cheating the clock. MinuteHound’s patented fingerprint scanner eliminates buddy punching. Since MinuteHound works through a secure remote server it also eliminates clock tampering and stays in sync if your building has a power outage. The benefits don’t stop there. With most time attendance software you won’t find out about a staffing problem until it’s too late. MinuteHound gives you real time reporting. Adjust your staffing right when it needs to be adjusted. Multiple locations and multiple businesses are no problem for MinuteHound.

It’s time to give your old time attendance software the pink slip. Get a time attendance software that isn’t satisfied with doing the bare minimum. Hire MinuteHound today!

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MinuteHound Internet Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Attendance Software.

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