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MinuteHound Takes Biometrics to a New Level

To the future and beyond! The old ways of doing business are coming to an end. A new world is emerging and business practices are changing with it. Businesses everywhere are making the move to a biometric time & attendance system. Why not? The benefits are huge. Who really wants to deal with huge stacks of time cards anymore? A biometric time & attendance system gets rid of all the paper. Constantly reissuing I.D. badges?

A biometric time & attendance system solves that problem by scanning a part of your body. Employee body parts are not likely to be lost, stolen, or forgotten. A biometric time & attendance system also eliminates buddy punching which can save businesses a lot of money. It all sounds great, but what is the best biometric time & attendance system for your business?

There is a biometric time & attendance system that rises above the rest – MinuteHound. MinuteHound’s biometric time & attendance system uses a patented USB fingerprint scanner that takes up no more room than a coffee cup. Within just a few seconds MinuteHound’s fingerprint scanner can accurately identify an employee. What makes MinuteHound stand out even more is that an image of the employee’s fingerprint is never saved! Each fingerprint is changed into a unique string of numbers that identifies the employee.

Safety and Convenience with A Biometric Time & Attendance System

Biometric Time & Attendance: 128 Bit EncryptionPersonal privacy is never a problem when you use MinuteHound. You are no longer chained to your office with MinuteHound’s biometric time & attendance system. MinuteHound is web-based which allows you to view your real time reports from anywhere! That’s right – real time reports. You can see who is clocked in at your business at any given time. Check your current staffing while you are out getting lunch! You can even customize MinuteHound’s settings to email you if an employee clocks in late. Being a web-based biometric time & attendance system also makes MinuteHound the perfect solution for businesses with multiple work locations. MinuteHound’s reports have filters which allow you to see all of your employees or just one location at a time.

Ready to make the leap into the new era of business? MinuteHound makes it easy and painless. MinuteHound is simple to install and easy to use. If you ever have any questions, MinuteHound has friendly, USA based customer service agents to help you. MinuteHound’s biometric time & attendance system costs only a fraction of other systems. There’s no lengthy contract either. You pay only for the months you use MinuteHound. Of course, MinuteHound also offers a 100% risk free guarantee. You have nothing to loose! Start saving time and money with MinuteHound right now.

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