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Time Card Software: An Updated Take on an Old Technology

We’re all familiar with those scenes out of futuristic movies where average citizens use their fingerprints to do everything: pay for a meal, unlock a computer, or access a restricted area. The fact is, widespread use of biometrics will be here sooner rather than later.

Time card software is one of the most obvious applications for biometrics. Fraud and time theft in the workplace is, regrettably, as common as it ever was. Consider the state of things before time card software reached its current state: employees could clock in and out for each other if they needed to arrive late or leave early. Even an unscrupulous manager or foreman could take advantage of the system by creating fake employees or covering for others.

Regrettably, human ingenuity seems eminently capable of circumventing common security measures, which means we’re long past the point where the honor system makes sense in the workplace. File this under “sad but true.” Here at MinuteHound, we’re proud to be on the cutting edge when it comes to time card software. We’re revolutionizing the way companies manage and track the hours employees spend at work, and it all starts with biometrics.

Our time card software revolves around our fingerprint scanner. With it, employees clock in and out as they normally do, except that now they don’t need to use a badge or a password; it’s all done using just their fingerprint.

Time Card Software For Any PC and Every Industry

What this means is that the management team no longer needs to worry about employees getting paid for hours they didn’t work and nobody can clock in for anyone but themselves. It also means that employees will be on their way faster at the end of the day. Our time card software is also cloud based, which means your company records are stored securely offsite on a server. You’ll retain access from any company computer, all while it remains safely protected behind 128-bit industry-grade encryption.

128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeWe’ve also built a great deal of automation into our time card software suite. If there do happen to be discrepancies in a given employee’s schedule, such as a late arrival or early departure, the MinuteHound software has the ability to automatically alert management. It’s a great way to reintroduce accountability to the workplace along with eliminating many of the most common managerial headaches.

We’re so confident that our time card software and biometric time clock will revolutionize your company’s time tracking techniques that we’re willing to let you try it risk free. Moreover, if you elect to keep the software and hardware, you can do so without any long-term commitments. As a MinuteHound client, you’re free to discontinue service at any time.

Now is the perfect time to take MinuteHound’s time card software for a test run. You – and your employees – will be glad you did.

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  1. New Time Card Software can minimize fraud and time theft. The system will eliminate buddy – buddy system and workers will be paid for what is due for him.

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