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Why Fingerprint Scanners are Better than Biometric Cards

Biometric cards are identification cards which store biometric information such as fingerprints or iris scans. The MinuteHound time and attendance system does not use biometric cards. Instead, it scans the fingertip of the actual individual employee.

The problem with biometric cards is the same problem as with any time card: It is intended to track a specific individual but, in reality, it only tracks where and when the card comes and goes. Biometric cards and similar devices can be separated from the individual to whom they belong and used to clock them in or out even though they are not actually there. This is the same problem most time clocks have. It allows employees to fool the system and cover up the fact that they came in late or left early. Thus, such systems foster time theft. MinuteHound is the first time and attendance system which does not allow anyone to play such games.

Using the person’s own fingerprint instead of a biometric card or other type of card is a more secure, reliable system. No one shows up at work having accidentally left their fingerprint at home the way they sometimes forget their security badge or identification card. Thus, you know your employees have their necessary identification on them at all times. This means you also know that if they scanned in then they were truly there. It definitely was not a friend waving their card at the scanner for them to cover up their real arrival time or obscure their actual departure time. So, no more long, leisurely lunches on company time or most people leaving early on a Friday but having that one guy stick around to click them out later and make it look like they were all working.

Why Biometric Cards Cost More and Do Less than Biometrics

Paperless Time Punch Clock SystemUnlike a fingerprint scanner, biometric cards also pose security risks to your employees. Because biometric cards contain personal data, they pose risks in terms of identity theft and fraud. The MinuteHound system does not pose such risks. It is far more secure and reliable than a system which scans biometric cards. Either they are there and clocked in on time or they are not. The person and the identification are one and the same. This does not allow any room for playing games with the schedule or billing of hours.

So there is no reason to expose your company or employees to the risks inherent in biometric cards. Such cards are only a proxy for the physical data contained in or on the human body such as fingerprints or iris patterns. It is far better to use the source data from the source — directly from the body itself — instead of second-hand sources like biometric cards.

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